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We are seeking a Front End Developer to join our full team of young, energetic and talented designers, developers and marketing strategists. You must be capable of handling the coding out and user interface functionality of client websites & emails utilizing CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript. This position includes a collaborative environment in which the Front-End Developer must work side-by-side with the designer and creative director in order to produce realistic expectations of timelines and a polished, finished product. The position also includes troubleshooting and ad-hoc solutions to immediate client needs such as tweaking third-party platform eCommerce skins or figuring out a CSS integration issue into another provider.

We need you to turn our designers' digital art into beautiful, interactive responsive websites. What are you waiting for?

Skills & Requirements

About LLT Group

What’s all the buzz about at LLT Group, Inc.? In a nutshell, we’re an award-winning creative agency blazing new trails across the industry - and having all kinds of fun while we're at it.

Celebrating five years as a creative agency, we’re fiercely proud of our unsurpassed client service skills, our utterly innovative ideas and our rock star results.

Launched by industry veterans after almost a decade of marketing the world's biggest IT Marketing and Branding Firms, LLT Group, Inc. is a new take on the old-school agency. A boutique powerhouse of marketing geniuses (yes, we're modest!), our team is dedicated, results-driven and wildly creative.

With big agencies, you get a boxed product and proprietary jargon. Our streamlined size means personal attention, custom creations and transparency galore. Secrets? There are no secrets. We exist to educate, innovate and pay it forward. Our clients come away with new knowledge and the tools to use it - not to mention butterflies from all the excitement.

The web moves pretty fast. But no worries – we eat, sleep and breathe our industry so you don’t have to. We’ll guide you, teach you, and help bring the biggest, wildest and coolest of ideas to fruition.

Besides the art of stakeholder sorcery, we specialize in SEO, website development and planning, social media strategy, branding, interactive media, web consulting and assessments, targeted direct mail, high quality printing, digital master plans and a whole host of other specialty services.

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