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Website Design Chicago

The LLT Group is a professional web design company known for cutting-edge, innovative website design and impressive graphic acumen. With a firm footing in internet marketing and search engine optimization, LLT Group does not simply build static websites; we develop web design geared towards attracting new customers, facilitate return business from existing customers and position your business for long-term success. LLT Group websites come pre-optimized and geared towards attracting potential consumers.

With easy-to-use professional web design navigation, eye-catching graphics and the goal of converting visitors into clients, LLT Group focuses on creating your website design to generate more clients and revenue.

Direct Mail Chicago

LLT Group, Inc. has a dedicated mail house that has been providing direct mail services for over 20 years. With a full staff of direct mail experts, our team provides businesses with a marketing outlet that continues to work even in the digital era. No matter how big or small the direct mail volume you wish to send out, our facilities can accommodate.

From high-quality postcard mailers, to professionally folded, stuffed and custom envelope mailers, LLT Group provide a full service approach to all our direct mail services. From creating the design to only addressing and sending out, as little or as much as you need our company can help.

Always at the edge of innovation, our instant direct mail quote tool not only gives you the pricing you receive on different volume orders, but allows you to form a complete campaign from start to finish with the couple clicks of a button.

Printing Chicago

One of LLT Group’s little known secrets is the quality and consistency to which we print all of our materials. While LLT Group specializes and pushes out hundreds of thousands of postcards throughout the course of a couple months, everything we do from flyers to posters to booklets is produced at an industry high quality guarantee.

The process starts with the paper itself. With postcards and flyers we utilize a 16pt paper, 30% more than the average paper used to print on in the industry. Though the quality of the material is higher, our prices are not. Because of the volumes we print in, we are able to offer some of the lowest print rates in the industry.

LLT Group’s print and production experts are able to look over your proof and pinpoint potential issues in the print process. Due to the attention to detail our designers make sure your piece prints exactly how you expect it to.

Search Engine Optimization SEO Chicago

Our search engine optimization strategy is pairing valuable on-site content with relevant off-site links. LLT Group, Inc focuses on traffic conversion and the potential of a searcher versus mere quantity. Our company conducts unique and insightful research on each company and their industry, proposing a search engine optimization plan that takes into account budget, ROI and close competitors.

Graphic Design Chicago

LLT Group’s high standards and eye for quality have resulted in a graphic design staff that is second to none.  LLT Group has assembled a design staff that understands that it takes a calculated approach and knowledge of the psychology of design to create one-of-a-kind, impactful, visually stunning designs that generate results. 

While graphic designers are a dime a dozen, we have carefully and selectively gone through the process to seek out the best of the best.  LLT Group’s graphic design staff focuses on creating results through the creation of innovative design that ultimately has a reactive impact on the viewer.  What does this mean to our clients?  Results!