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There is rumor out there that direct mail no longer works. Every once in a while a potential client will ask, “Does anybody still do direct mail”? Well, the overwhelming answer is yes. Direct mail volumes have actually increased over the last 3 to 5 years, and comprise a large percentage of successful businesses’ marketing campaigns. In fact, we have seen growth in revenues from every single direct mail campaign that we have sent out on behalf of a client.

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While we cover all the areas listed in the graphic for direct mailing services, we actually cover much, much more. LLT Group sends out hundreds of thousands of pieces a month for a wide variety of different businesses. From restaurants to not-for-profits to events hosting a one-time organization, our campaigns are structured to market and achieve your goals with the minimum possible capital outlay. Our company goal is to grow and expand your business. Without your growth, our own company cannot expand. We value each and every client, and our month-to-month re-send out rate of over 80% speaks for itself.

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Our clients love our direct mail services because of the way we are able to combine quality, fast turnaround and complete customization. From onset of a relationship we get to truly know clients and their expectations. Our company helps to provide direct mail timelines of as little as 3 days from submit of print design to actual send out of the mail piece.

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