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It may seem trivial, but the thickness and perceived quality of your marketing piece, postcard, poster or flyer makes a huge impact on the end consumer and whether he or she might choose to go with you. From years of experience our company has found that printing on premium paper does indeed make a positive difference. The touch and feel of a 16pt postcard or 8.5 x 11 flyer is much different than that of a flimsy 12pt piece.

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LLT Group specializes in postcard printing, but that does not mean that is all we print. While our company started years ago with volumes only a couple thousand postcards and flyers every quarter, we are now producing closer to hundreds of thousands per month. Our company does not plan on stopping there. With the popularity of our fast turnaround, easy-to-submit ordering and second-to-none quality, LLT Group plans on continuing to break more ground within the printing industry. With a fully staffed graphic design and print/production team, we are able to design and print anything, from bookmarks, to catalogs, to carpet--even wood sample books.

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We help our clients achieve their goals in printing and marketing by providing high quality and fast turnaround services. The worst part of printing is waiting for the piece to be done. With production times as fast as next day to an average print time of only 3 days, we understand and value our clients’ time. Along with fast turnaround comes unsurpassed quality. We individually check each design before sending it to our printers.

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