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Uplifting Church Website Designs

Building a website design for your church takes into account vision and mission statements. Showing your followers exactly what your establishment is about is key to having them contact you and utilizing your website for informational updates.

In today's technology laden world people like information and design paired together in order to give them a useful experience. In any church website design there are a number of 'must haves' that you should consider including.

Church Website Design "Must Haves"

1) Information Capture

When potential consumers come to your website you want to be able to convince them that the information and services you are offerring is worth their name, email and even phone number. To do this you must provide just enough information on a content-rich product to draw them in and peak their interest. The key of course if to provide a valuable resource that is also marketed correctly on your site to tell them why they should choose your church over others.

LLT Group considers this a standard practice while building church website designs. The point of your church is to relay religious services to potential church followers. Our business is to help you in providing a way to capture them and notify them that you are here.

2) Company & Personal Information

Oddly enough a large majority of church website designs either do not provide personal and professional contact information such as phone, email and business location or do not have it in a online-friendly format. For example, when that mobile visitor stumbles upon your church's website you want them to be able to click and call or click and email with the touch of their finger. This ability makes it extremely simple to call you personally to find out more.

3) Visitor Tracking / Analytics

Do you know who is coming to your website? Do you know where they are coming from? How about the search terms they are using or the length of time and number of pages they are going through? Well at LLT Group this installation of traffic analytics is a must. You need to know how your insurance website is constructed and what keywords it is picking people off from. Without this you as an agent lose the ability to customize your website design and your content to your consumer.

4) Relevant Information

This may seem trivial but so many times the information provided on church website designs is irrelevant to their most likely prospects. In this day and age relevance also means optimized. Just providing information irregardless of keyword density, meta tagging and heading attributes now plays a huge factor in how search engines see and index you.

Giving a visitor the ability to see your latest messages or preachings, meetings times and places of congregations and special holiday events is a great way to constantly keep your followers motivated to come back to your site.

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