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Professional Restaurant Website Designs

Does your website truly reflect the cuisine, the service and the experience you offer in your restaurant, bar or fast food location? The truth is that more than ever consumers go to check out your restaurant website design before even thinking of stepping foot in the door.

Have you ever been in the car driving when the person next to you asks, where do you want to eat? You go onto your phone and search for the closest restaurants, check out their menus and user reviews. If your website is not up to par consumers quickly pass because they believe your website design is a reflection of your restaurant.

Restaurant Website Design "Must Haves"

1) Information Relevancy

What do we mean by 'information relevancy' well we mean that the information must be ready and apparent for wherever that customer might be coming from. If they are sitting at home in front of their computer, than your restaurant website design must include phone number and address in the top right corner or somewhere just as prevelant.

Restaurant website designs must provide this information in an easy-to-read and find format. If a consumer has to search for your information you are losing them every extra second they have to look. The second most important thing to consider with regards to making sure to have your phone number and address visible is making it a clickable link from mobile devices. If the information is embedded or not able to be clicked once and call or mapquest, well than again you are losing valuable customers.

2) Online Menus

Unless you are specifically going for a niche market where not having a menu online is part of the draw you should always include what you have to offer. Customers always ask their friends and family about the menu and if there are any items on it they would enjoy. Integrating a menu into your restaraunt website design is integral in making sure customers can easily locate and utilize the menu. Whether or not you choose to include prices of course runs hand-in-hand with the crowd you are trying to cater too.

3) Links to User Reviews

very potential wants to know the opinions of others that have dined at your restaurant before. Providing a way to easily navigate away from your main site the customer reviews is a nice complement to your restaurant website design. It provides a convenience for customers and also shows that you are not trying to hide anything.

4) List of Events

If you host events, concerts or happenings it is always a good idea to list them on your restaurant website design. Many people coming through to your website are looking for activities whether it be on the weekends or during the week. Provide them the information to make their own decisions with.

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