Retail Website Designs

Unique Retail Website Designs

Retail website designs need to be cutting edge and innovative in today's marketplace to catch the eye of a consumer. Highlighting your key products, sale items and special promotions is all about the design and more specifically retail website design.

Just having a website that lists the retail products you sell is not enough. The consumer wants an easy-to-absorb method of seeing your products, sorting them and even purchasing. If you don't sell online, then you need to captivate them enough to step into your retail locaiton. There are a couple 'must haves' when building a retail website design.

Retail Website Design "Must Haves"

1) Visible Company Information

When potential customers search online they are looking for not only product information (on whether or not you carry what they need) but also contact information. Many visitors want to physically pick up the phone, talk to someone and get an answer the old fashioned way. If your phone number and email address are not prominent in the design you are losing customers.

Retail website designs must include clickable more mobile applications for contact too. Consumers must be able to call, mapquest or email with the click of their fingers (or mouse).

2) Unique Design & Layout

Have you seen some of the retail website designs being turned out lately? They are amazing. They are able to lay products out in a unique and modern approach while making navigation super easy. The holy grail of retail website designs is to get a consumer on your website and right to the most important locations such as the contact page and the cart page.

3) Visitor Tracking / Analytics

Do you know who is coming to your website? Do you know where they are coming from? How about the search terms they are using or the length of time and number of pages they are going through? Well at LLT Group this installation of traffic analytics is a must. You need to know how your retail website is constructed and what keywords it is picking people off from. Without this you as an agent lose the ability to customize your website design and your content to your consumer.

4) Testimonials / Media

Along with the innovative design of retail websites comes the media aspect. Live customer testimonials, video tutorials and social media integration is a standard for a high-octane technology environment. As a retail store your website design should at least incorporate the key facets of this new age of interconnectivity.

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