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Jess Cutout
It's all about perspective

Jess is a solutions geek who is logically minded and creative at heart. After graduating with her M.A. from Eastern Illinois University, Jess spent several years managing nonprofit art centers before starting her own digital marketing business. Her passion for marketing and helping people grow their business is what led her to LLT.

Jess is a huge nerd and loves all things sci-fi and fantasy. Outside of work if she's not hiking or working on an art project, you can find her at a concert, losing horribly at board games with friends or cuddling with her Pitbull Spock while binging some epic tv or book series.

Doing Great Things

Here are Jess’s favorite 6 activites to do outside of work.

Favorite Activities

Binge TV & books



Play video games


Go to concerts

Most likely to...

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Jess has been voted most likely to bring fresh ideas to the team.

Now That's Something to Be Proud Of.
Favorite Song

New Noise – Refused

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