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Tony New 2018

Unbeknownst to Tony, the label of ‘serial entrepreneur’ could have been seen from a very young age. His maturity and drive to learn more put him in a different mindset than his peers and he is most famously noted for being the person that ‘just does it.’ His co-founding of LLT and current role as COO is a far cry from what would have expected based on his experiences, but it is the perfect harmony for his analytical mindset yet creative eye.

There are certain givens that you can always come to expect from him. First, he always looks for solutions with a positive mindset and go with the flow methodology. Second, he focuses on living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Third, he has fun...and lots of it.

Doing Great Things

Here are Tony’s favorite 6 activites to do outside of work.

Favorite Activities

Being Active


Listening to EDM


Reading & Writing

Drinking Tequila

Most likely to...

Tony MLT

Tony has been voted most likely to Lysol everything after hearing someone sneeze.

Now That's Something to Be Proud Of.
Favorite Song

Particula - Major Lazer

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