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A fresh image for local food delivery

A company that required not only strong branding and messaging chops to deliver a one-two punch to prospective customers in an increasingly saturated market. But also the technical savvinness and MVP mentality to navigate through a sea of possible features in order to build a scalable web application and mobile app that could perform.

  • Challenge

    Going from ideation to execution for a brand in order to provide a unique spin on food delivery that would gain traction in a growing marketplace.

  • Solution

    Powerful messaging paired with thoughtful UX / UI and a technology STACK that would capture attention.

  • Results

    A brand and four unique websites and web applications that catered to consumers, restaurants, drivers and employees.

Brand Exploration

Throughout the exploration of the Grubbage branding, we kept circling back to concepts that put an emphasis on the brand’s core values: health, friendliness, and convenience. Our final concept fused together a location pin with a carrot to communicate healthy food delivery. To top it off, we added rigid leaves that subtly represent a city skyline.

Grubbage Logo_color

To keep the brand feeling fresh, we use vibrant colors based on the natural elements in the mark. The orange conveying warmth, excitement, and enthusiasm while the green stems from the leaves communicate health, growth, and renewal. We built and integrated custom line icons to help support the friendliness and value Grubbage brings to the table.

Grubbage Images 01
Grubbage Images 02
Grubbage Images 03

Design & Development

A multi-prong project that involved the design and development of a front-facing informational site, consumer-facing search application to find restaurants, restaurant-based portal, native iOS mobile app for drivers and a management portal for administratives and employees of the company.

LLT Group Laptop
GrubbageDevices Laptop Scroll
LLT Group Phone
Spotlight Circle Image1
Grubbage Spotlight Image1
Sign Up Screen

Integration of social accounts into a seamless sign up process for end consumers of restaurants on the platform.

Spotlight Circle Image4
Grubbage Spotlight Image4
Restaurant Portal

Portal that allowed restaurants owners to manage menus, orders and reviews. The platform provided a notification system that helped keep the restaurant in the loop with drivers and end consumers.

GrubbageSpotlight Mobile1 GrubbageSpotlight Mobile2 GrubbageSpotlight Mobile3
Driver App

iOS mobile app that was pre-loaded on issued devices for Grubbage drivers in order to manage shifts, map routes, queues, reviews and earnings.

Spotlight Circle Image2
Grubbage Spotlight Image2
Admin Portal

A comprehensive administrative portal for Grubbage employees and executives that allowed them to manage territories, customer service, business operations and overall marketing campaign success metrics.

Grubbage Image 1

Order Up!

The strategic planning, branding strategy and software development cycles of the project helped to bring this idea of a healthy-centric food delivery platform to life.

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