Creating a new standard of care for muscular dystrophy patients

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Launched in October 2018

CureDuchenne is a non-profit organization devoted to curing Duchenne muscular dystrophy and improving the lives of patients and families affected by the disease. One of their critical initiatives is equipping physical therapists to provide the most up-to-date, specialized care for Duchenne patients.

CureDuchenne came to us to design and develop a custom e-learning portal to educate physical therapists, as well as a marketing landing page to increase awareness of the course and spur enrollment.

The challenge
To motivate physical therapists to sign up for CureDuchenne’s online course, and to spread knowledge of specialized Duchenne therapies via the new e-learning portal.

The solution
A user-friendly, attractive custom e-learning portal that allows users to learn, test their knowledge, and achieve certification, along with a compelling landing page that clearly states the course’s benefits and purpose and drives users to sign up.

Communicating educational value and expertise

When approaching the landing page, it was important to strike a balance in tone between the weight of the serious pediatric illness involved and the positive impact of helping patients and their families.

This was accomplished by letting the brand color palette and photography communicate the more cheerful aspects of the course’s benefits, and giving a more restrained treatment to the typography in order to ground the content appropriately and ensure the course’s value was made clear to the user.

Guiding the user to critical therapy knowledge

Our task for the e-learning course lesson screens was to use the visual identity established in the landing page and account views and translate it to the functional needs of the course’s content. The layouts included course and chapter summaries, video lessons, FAQs and quizzes, as well as user profile management.

While the focus of this project was on a singular course, we built the features to be scalable if the organization were to add additional courses in the future.

Making it easy to get started

As we were developing the look and feel of the login and account-creation process for this e-learning portal, we referenced the brand’s existing digital footprint and built from the styles we had created for the portal’s landing page in order to have stylistic continuity.

We also worked to create an experience that was simple enough to encourage completion of the task and was scalable for a future state of supporting differing user types and access privileges.

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