Simplify and Unify Your Financial Processes

OneStream Software provides a market-leading intelligent finance platform that reduces the complexity of financial operations. OneStream unleashes the power of finance by unifying corporate performance management (CPM) processes such as planning, financial close & consolidation, reporting and analytics through a single, extensible solution. 

  • Challenge

    To create a WCAG compliant web experience that elevates the brand image and voice so that it reflects OneStream's premium platform.

  • Solution

    A well-designed website that leverages brand elements such as color, photography, and iconography to help guide users towards information about the platform.

  • Results

    Designs that provide brand consistency and an efficient user experience that showcases OneStream's capabilities, guiding users towards conversion

Design and Development

We worked to re-design the OneStreams website in a way that elevated the brand image and voice so that it reflects the premium platform that they offer with their new visual identity system. OneStreams new brand image was used to create a confident visual system by leveraging elements such as photography, iconography, and typography.

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Homepage 1
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OS Spotlight Nav
Robust Navigation

A robust mega navigation that allows users to easily navigate the website and view recent resources, validating that OneStream is a thought leader in the industry.

OS Spotlight Services
Brand Elements

With large text and overlapping brand elements creating an engaging experience, the individual platform service pages offer a scalable solution with quick insight into the top differentiators of the platform, service, or solution.

OS Spotlight XF MarketPlace
Extending The Brand

We used color to help extend the brand and to create a categorizing visual system that would allow users to easily identify items such as resources or MarketPlace Solutions. With the large number of MarketPlace solutions they offer, we wanted to make sure that the page was easily skimmable for the user’s eye through color and iconography.

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OS Spotlight Circle ADA Homepage
OS Spotlight ADA Homepage
Focus States

Because the website needed to be WCAG compliant, we strategized every element’s position so that users could easily tab through information, utilizing the accessibility focus state.

OS Spotlight Circle ADA Resources
OS Spotlight ADA Resources
Extensive Resource Center

One of the large aspects of OneStream was to show that they were knowledgeable and thought leaders in the industry. We built an extensive resource center that correctly positions text on the page so that the screen-reader would read the information in the correct order. We intentionally used descriptive buttons so that the user would unmistakably understand the action that they were selecting. We wanted to be sure this website would pass AA compliance with colors, font sizes, the hierarchy of information, and much more. 

OS Spotlight ADA Events
Scalable Designs

We strategized on how a landing page could be WCAG compliant, but still offer the flexibility needed to customize each landing page for the numerous different events that OneStream hosts throughout the year. Each form field is clearly labeled so the screen reader could identify each field for the user. Additionally, we made information on the page easily digestible and stacked it in a logical order so that information was presented properly.

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Splash Website

In addition to the primary website, one of the tasks was to build a robust, customizable by theme, multipage splash website for users who were attending events. The splash page would be a one-stop-shop with information about the agenda, location, places to stay, activities throughout the day, sponsors, and much more. 

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Splash Homepage
OS Spotlight ADA Splash Agenda
Extending The Brand

We were able to extend the OneStream branding by utilizing similar elements such as shapes and color, yet give the splash page its own unique look by utilizing additional graphics that would match the individual event theme.

OS Spotlight Circle ADA Splash Activities
OS Spotlight ADA Splash Activities
Engaging and Fun

Each event would have its own list of activities, based on the event’s location. We included an activities section on the splash homepage that would help inform users what activities they could expect when attending the event. We used iconography and color to help create a design that was engaging and fun for users.

OS Spotlight ADA Splash Schedule
Scalable Design Solution

One of the challenges to the splash page was that some events could range from one day to multiple days. We wanted to make sure that we created a scalable solution that showed each day’s agenda.

OS Spotlight ADA Travel
Smart User Experience

One important aspect of any event is what the accommodations are for the stay. We wanted to make sure it was easy to book hotels by giving users information about the different places to stay directly on a page dedicated to travel and lodging. In addition to being able to book your stay, we included areas that allow you to read more about the resort, air travel, and transportation while you were at the event. Being able to find information all in one location helps ensure a stress-free experience.

Lead at speed with OneStream

We empower the enterprise with financial and operational insights to support faster and more informed decision-making. All in a platform designed to continually evolve and scale with your organization.

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