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Creating A Sweet Experience

Smallcakes of Naperville is a local cupcakery franchise that’s baking something great. They’re moving an impressive volume of the sweet treats by Smallcakes and by industry standards. This self-rising start-up partnered with us to update the look and feel of their website to something a little sweeter.

  • Challenge

    To digitally recreate the magic of an in-person cupcake ordering experience; endearing people to the product as well as the brand.

  • Solution

    The use of mouth-watering photography, kinetic typography, and clean design helps to elevate the web experience.

  • Results

    A clean, colorful, one-of-a-kind experience whether you're ordering ahead or just feasting with your eyes!

Extending The Brand

In updating the website for Smallcakes of Naperville, we kept the larger franchise front of mind. The hope was to give the site a unique visual style while keeping it reminiscent of the Smallcakes brand family. By doing so, we tastefully elevate the visual experience and modernize how cupcake enthusiasts interact with the website.

Kneading together a secondary palette and texture helped to add new depth to the existing brand. We also sprinkled in some really sweet iconography to modernize the look and feel of the website at large.

SmallCakes BrandStyles Graphics1

Secondary Palette

SmallCakes BrandStyles Graphics2

Dot Texture

SmallCakes BrandStyles Graphics3


Design and Development

Beyond just looking good enough to eat, the new site needed to rise to any occasion! Guiding the user through a custom ordering process was paramount to help mirror the in-store experience. To that end, several strategies were mixed to make ordering simple and create a branded journey that’s better than ever!

LLT Group Laptop
Smallcakes Devices Laptop ScrollV2
SmallCakes Spotlight Menu
Tasteful Layouts

Shifting more of the cupcakes into the page’s initial view really helps give them priority on the page. By highlighting the products in such a way, we make it easier to visually digest the differences between them – just as you would in the bakery itself. The in-person Smallcakes experience focuses 100% on the product and we thought the website should do the same! Letting the product speak for itself isn’t always a piece of cake. Although, with ample whitespace, a sprinkling of helpful highlights, and inviting page arrangements, we expect Smallcakes will take the cake!

SmallCakes LeadIns
Sweet Storytelling

We wanted to help personalize the web experience further by making it easy to get inspired! Custom creations serve as a sweet segue between the user and their perfect pastry.

SmallCakes Spotlight GalleryThumb
SmallCakes Spotlight Gallery
Sprinkling In Fun Facts

Delightful tidbits and trivia are just another way we sought to liven the Smallcakes site by interjecting personality to craft a more endearing experience.

SmallCakes Cupcakes
SmallCakes Spotlight Ordering
Online Ordering

The final and crucial step of picking your pastries was considered with extra care. Free of the flare that defines the product, the Order Ahead process needed to be a guided journey in and of itself. With buttery-smooth navigation, crisp iconography, and clear ordering options, we’re able to help more people get a taste of Smallcakes!

The Icing On The Cake

A sweet web experience was only ever intended to come secondary to the product itself. The clean design, vibrant branding, and decadent visuals all come together to paint an inviting picture for cupcake lovers everywhere to enjoy.

SmallCakes Anchor2
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