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A light and bright take on a full service plastic card manufacturer

Teraco provides card printing, personalization and distribution to clients ranging from large hotel chains to international fast food providers. They came to us for help in refreshing their logo and designing a custom website that fit their current service offerings.

  • Challenge

    To reinvent the online presence of an already successful company while bringing light to the strengths that they offer in their product and customer service solutions.

  • Solution

    To utilize a fresh, bright color scheme with clean lines, plenty of white space, updated imagery and custom product illustrations that will reinforce confidence in the brand.

  • Results

    The successful launch of a major brand overhaul that focuses on providing concise messaging with thoughtful design.


The old branding for Teraco was dated and was using colors that the client felt didn’t align with where the company had grown. Our challenge was to update the logo and color scheme to symbolize technology and a state-of-the-art approach.

Design & Development

The design needed to communicate the full-service aspect of Teraco’s offerings as a card solutions provider. In order to do that we utilized a mix of type selection and hierarchy for concise messaging and custom illustration paired with photography. The site resulted in a bright, refresh of the old brand and showcased the depth and breadth of Teraco’s solutions through there manufacturing and networks of their partners.

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Teraco Homepage
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With such versatility in card customization and printing capabilities we needed to make sure visuals were not too niche. Showcasing generalized examples of card types without going into industry specifics was one of the strategies we utilized in putting together a design for Teraco.

Teraco Resources

A comprehensive resource center with custom graphics was designed and developed within the site to help customers (current & potential) sift through files and guidelines that would be integral in customizing their cards. This provided Teraco an area to point to as a lot of direction comes from large corporate art departments.

Checking On Out

The result is a bright new digital appearance (web and logo) and brand extension as it relates to illustration, content and imagery.

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