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Andy, a Chicagoan, recently graduated from Northwestern University Coding Bootcamp. His passion for web development began as a QA & Forms Specialist for a business software through interactions with their developers and experimenting with online web development courses in his spare time. His interest grew as he became more intrigued by the logic and functionality behind each component of his employer's software. He enjoys constantly learning new web development skills and being able to apply it to help others.

As a Web Developer, Andy works on complex web applications on a daily basis. In his free time, you can find him coding, listening to rock/alternative music on Spotify, hanging out with his wife Nicole and friends, and playing board games.

Doing Great Things

Here are Andy’s favorite 6 activites to do outside of work.

Favorite Activities

Cinema with his Wife


Playing Board Games

Eating Good Food

Playing Video Games

Comic Con!

Most likely to...

MLT Andy

Andy has been voted most likely to mechanize his desk.

Now That's Something to Be Proud Of.
Favorite Song

The Middle – Jimmy Eat World

Andy's Work

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