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We are looking for passionate, fun, and driven individuals that want to be part of a quirky and talented team of people. If that sounds like you then check out our open positions below.

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Whether we are working on new cool projects, drafting some copy (or a beer), going on a Starbucks run, throwing down at ping pong, or solving development quandaries, we do it as a team. Here at LLT, every day is an adventure and collaboration is a way of life.

We drive professional development and nobody gets left behind – or forgotten. We dream big, hustle hard, and together we can do great things. Are you ready to join the LLT family?

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Here at LLT we pride ourselves on hiring talented, passionate and self-motivated individuals. If you think you fit the build, take a peek at what we have available.

Graphic Designer

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LLT Group is looking for an experienced Graphic Designer who is able to juggle multiple project types across a variety of industries. As a Graphic Designer you will need a strong skill set in branding, print and digital collateral, packaging, and be web intuitive.

In an average week for a Graphic Designer the project mix might include social creative, brochures and catalogs, flyers and postcards, food packaging, landing pages, logos and full brand systems. Communication with the client is a must therefore we need a Graphic Designer who feels comfortable leading a discovery conversation, presenting their work, and navigating feedback conversations with professionalism in a conversational style. Our designers need to be willing to push creative outside the box regardless of project type or industry.


  • A stellar portfolio of work that showcases your diversity across print and digital design and accentuates your design process
  • 3-5 years design experience in an agency setting. 
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.
  • A solid understanding of designing for a variety of projects and media such as branding, print and digital advertising, marketing collateral, packaging, infographics, brochures and sell sheets, social media, sales presentations, catalogs, landing pages, etc.
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects and handle tight deadlines in a fast-paced agency environment
  • Strong conceptual thinking and attention to detail. We want someone who can continuously think out of the box and approach each project as a unique challenge with a sharp eye across multiple industries.
  • A quick understanding of direction and the capability to implement feedback swiftly and accurately without repeated explanation
  • Maintain brand standards, follow style guides, and match design styles set by other designers on the project
  • Knowledge of print production and understanding of file setup and various printing parameters
  • Ability to mock-up graphic and print collateral for presentation purposes
  • A strong collaborative mindset and the ability to work with team members across all departments and specialties.
  • Must be knowledgeable in web design and have a basic grasp on UX/UI in order to provide collaborative insight to projects in critique environments.
  • Strong storytelling and communication skills to present and portray your ideas directly to teams and clients both verbally and in writing.
  • A great attitude! We foster a collaborative environment with a positive and humble attitude. Friendships are made and nurtured here. 
  • A self-starter work ethic, manage your time effectively and provide value to the team in your downtime through extra initiatives.
  • Stay up-to-date in terms of design knowledge, best practices, and emerging technologies in the field
Project Manager


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Description & Responsibilities

The Project Manager is responsible for client communications and coordinating efforts with the Creative Director, creative team and clients. The primary role is to help organize project phases, provide creative team support and provide the client a clear and up-to-date communication channel. The Project Manager must be detail-driven and be able to deliver messaging from internal company sources with precision to other internal sources as well as external client-facing contacts. This position will be a channel between sales management teams, the creative team and the client.

The Project Manager will be in charge of kick-starting the initial communication between LLT Group and the client. They will actively sit in on client creative meetings and always take comprehensive and attentive notes. Organization of the notes and coordinating additional needs will be expected to occur between the Project Manager and the creative team. With the help and direction of the Creative Director and Senior Project Manager, unique emails are to be crafted in order to fully communicate progress, timelines and deliverables within the project. As the project progresses, the Project Manager will be responsible for setting up and facilitating meetings and calls with clients.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Communicate project status with team members, management and stakeholders on an ongoing basis via weekly status reports and/or other methods as needed.
  • Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule, and project costs using appropriate verification techniques in order to keep the project plan accurate, updated and reflective of authorized project changes; facilitate client acceptance of changes.
  • Demonstrate qualities of diplomacy, problem solving and decisiveness, as well as the proven ability to balance many needs and remain detail oriented while tracking and organizing many resources.
  • Build mutual trust and encourage respect and cooperation among team members. Motivates the team, boosts morale and ensures project efficiency.
  • Demonstrate initiative, dependability and diplomacy.
  • Demonstrate good listening, writing and speaking skills.
  • Have a complete and thorough understanding of all aspects of projects assigned.
  • Communicate project status and next steps to team members, stakeholders and directors regularly and accurately.
  • Ensure the timely completion of project tasks, phases, milestones within budgetary constraints.
  • Establish good working relationships with coworkers and team members.
  • Establish good rapport with clients and project stakeholders.
Here's Why

What We Bring to the Table

From our team members to our location, here are a few characteristics that keep us driven as an agency. We never like to toot our horn, but beep beep.

We're Energetic

LLT is all about positivity. You’ll be surrounded by energetic minds with fresh insight. That being said, it is all to easy to make new friends.

We're Hungry

We are extremely passionate and ready to take on any challenge. There is a great variety of work and a bright future to grow as a company and team.

We're Casual

Not only our work threads, but our mindset is casual too. As long as you are getting your work done, there is always time for ping pong and a brew.

Work / Life Balance

We believe a healthy ratio of work hours to personal life lends itself to a revitalized mind. We work hard, but make enough time to play hard too.


Our office is located in the heart of upcoming downtown Naperville. We are surrounded by delicious food joints, plenty of shops, and lively night life .


Every step taken here is an opportunity to define yourself, the company, and maybe even this list! Every idea has potential to evolve into something epic.

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