Working with businesses on designing an ecommerce UX / UI that drives customers to find goods and / or services while developing it on a platform in order to provide integration into existing and new business operational teams. Discussing the strategic ways to tie back value and to find product-market fit that unleashes growth marketing opportunities.

Our Project Process

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    Platform Development
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    UX / UI Design
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    Growth Marketing
Selecting the right platform

Which platform should you use for your ecommerce development?

This depends on a number of factors surrounding your business’s model and operations. One of the consultants from LLT Group will be able to assess the ecommerce needs for your business, and will then be able to suggest the ideal platform to develop for.


The best way to ensure a good overall fit is to look at the data, features needed and UI expectations and select platform capabilities based on those operation-focused metrics.

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User-Centric Experiences

Designing ecommerce solutions that focus on UX & UI.

We understand that your site’s user experience (UX) needs to be easy to navigate and understand for your users. Our team will work closely with your business to develop a user experience that will guide users to engage with the site’s content; and incentivize them to engage in transactions so that your ecommerce site increases its sales. 


Additionally, we will ensure that the user interface (UI) is also easy for internal staff to manage product listings, inventory, and general operational settings for your ecommerce store.

Functionality that feeds into operations

What are some of the benefits that you can expect from our ecommerce development?

The most crucial part of how we develop out ecommerce solutions is to consider that business operations it is being integrated into. Our ecommerce solutions will help your business: 


Provide excellent online customer service, easily track and manage data that matters to your business, easily get your store and products onto the online marketplace quickly, become more automated, integrate with 3rd-party systems and workflows, manage supply chain, inventory, distribution, sales, merchandising and sourcing.



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Case Studies

Who We Work With

We have worked with several leading brands that turnover millions of dollars in revenue through their ecommerce stores. From developing a customer-centric ecommerce platform for Callaway, to developing an internal ecommerce system for Subaru, we aim to flush out the strategy and operations necessary to carry your ROI expectations into the future.


Technologies We Use

More important than the design is the technology used to build the foundation of an ecommerce site. Our goal at LLT is to understand what you are trying to do with your website (from a public perspective and an administrative perspective) and translate that into a scalable strategy with the right programmatic platforms in place.

Ecommerce Platforms


Utilizing Shopify and their business-centric platform for managing an ecommerce website, we build custom designs to layer on top of this robust system.


When the ecommerce request is more content-centric than product-centric we leverage WordPress and WooCommerce to develop out the necessary features. If it involves subscription or SaaS type functionality we often build is as a software application instead.


For enterprise level lighting with regards to product catalogs, speed and overall feature integration we develop out these specific ecommerce sites in Magento. 


While the platform your business chooses to run its ecommerce site on is critical, you should be focusing on that last as a strategic initiative. The goal is to first outline data, features, functions and operational expectations to help drive you towards the best platform fit possible.

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