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Quilting brand direction and a refreshing online presence

Anita Goodesign is the top embroidery design company, manufacturing embroidery packs for retailers all over the world. They came to us with the hopes of radically altering their web presence into a modern, editor type view with the addition of an eCommerce component.

  • Challenge

    To update their outdated website to match their new brand direction and the quality of product they create. Also, to build an e-commerce solution in order to reach a larger customer base.

  • Solution

    To create an editorial style layout with stylistic elements that reflect the professionalism of their brand and creating a community aspect through a customer center.

  • Results

    A well-designed, high performance eCommerce site that connects with the target demographic and provides a great ROI.


Wireframes allowed us to address page content organization separate from stylistic elements, ultimately creating more thoughtful solutions. We created outlines for all pages included in the website, customer center, and dealer portal in order to establish a solid foundation and page structure.

Design & Development

The site needed to successfully organize a plethora of content, while still retaining editorial design consistency. While product filtering needed to be streamlined, there were other aspects that also needed to be taken into consideration such as: club membership sign up.

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AnitaGoodesign Homepage
orders within 10 months

One of the biggest initiatives with Anita Goodesign’s new website was to have a successful eCommerce component. Never having that in the mix of a website before it was only projected about what could occur, especially given the older, less tech savvy demographic. Regardless to say it went off without a ‘stitch’.

AnitaGoodesign Map Details
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With a large number of retailers across the country with many different service options, we developed a multi-faceted map and search that catered to anyone looking for more information.

Whether a client was looking for a specific level of a retailer or the classes they offered, we developed a basic and advanced search criteria to easily filter through them.

AnitaGoodesign Shop Layout
Custom Product Filtering

Being able to set the parent categories and subsequent selections was a must-have when it came to knowing what customers wanted to click-through to.

Pair that 100% dynamic development we implemented in the back-end with the ability to tag keywords to products with priority that would show up on search, and you have an amazing site search setup.

AnitaGoodesign Product Page
Organized Product Layout

With so much pertinent information (such as price, pictures, downloads, wishlist options, related products, etc.) to select and view as an option on a product we made sure it was organized in a strategic way.

Custom Iconagraphy
Anita Goodesign Icon
Anita Goodesign Icon
Anita Goodesign Icon
Anita Goodesign Icon
Anita Goodesign Icon
Anita Goodesign Icon

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The result is a chic, new design that caters to their specific demographic, automates digital delivery of products, adds extension points to the brand and has allowed them to process thousands of orders in a relatively short period of time.

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