Research & Strategy

Understanding who a company, brand or product is, where they came from and how they got here is integral in understanding where to go next. Proper research preceding each and every project engagement ensures that LLT works with clients to maximize productivity and minimize budgets. Being able to customize our agency approach to our clients helps to ensure that each project is set off on the right foot. Utilizing data analytics to make smart design and development decisions is what we do.

Research & Discovery Services
Land Ho!


Gathering, reviewing and categorizing project-related information into digestible and actionable items. Spending time to truly understand the client, the landscape, the audiences, the non-negotiables and most importantly the desired outcome.

How It Applies: At the beginning of every single type of project, LLT enlists a discovery period (varying in size based on project scope) in which our teams take the time and effort to understand our clients.

Go With The Flow

Information Architecture

Identifying, understanding and mapping the flow of information that users will experience in order to best prepare strategy and design. Confirming that all client expectations are met with regards to structure and scope.

How It Applies: Within every project a map of flow (whether users or information) is set so that the intentions to drive results is clearly laid out. In certain projects this may simply be a sitemap, in others a UX flow.

Creating a Voice

Content Strategy

This step involves introducing, explaining, brainstorming and refining client and LLT ideas down to the heart of what belongs within each and every aspect of the brand whether dedicated to a website, brand message or print piece. Recognizing the importance of specific content and how that will play into each project’s goal is a fundamental step in building a successful brand voice and website.

How It Applies: Prior to any actual design in each project, LLT looks to understand the source of the content (whether client-based or LLT-generated) and generate a timeline and strategy to move forward with how conceptualize and integration will occur.

The Bare Bones


Summarizing, outlining and sketching ideas into a rough-reality with closer visual representation of the content strategy and project as a whole. Factoring in variables and logic to help bring the abstract ideas to fruition within design and development.

How It Applies: After content strategy is clearly defined LLT applies early sketches and ideas to map the content to actual design wireframes, helping to provide a client + LLT checkpoint in which feasibility can be assessed.

It's In Our Nature


We listen, harvest and provide insight into the challenges that clients face from a brand, digital, development or marketing perspective. Tailoring research and strategy to each client’s case, in order for them to move forward and produce successful results, is our forte.

How It Applies: Typically executed outside of the project scope through the unique challenges clients pose to us. We provide a customized package of hours and deliverables to help arrive at a solution.

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