Traditional Marketing

From simple sales print material to national direct mail campaigns, LLT helps to establish the strategy and design behind more traditional marketing campaigns. For more complex media buying, we leverage our network of agency connections in order to make sure price and placement are maximized.

Traditional Marketing Services


Where conveying your current marketing approach through client-facing print, strategizing a new design, and the execution of the right quality materials combine. Essentially, taking what you currently have and enhancing it through both design and development.

How It Applies: LLT surveys your current marketing toolbox of sales sheets, catalogs, pitch decks, etc. before assisting you in making key determinations on what pieces you may need to redesign as well as what print pieces you need to actually create from the ground up.


Capture a larger target audience through utilization of extensive research, strategy, budget assessment and analysis of ROI. All resulting in comprehensive execution of marketing that yield results surpassing both direct and digital channels.

How It Applies: LLT works to develop digital design pieces that pair with more traditional marketing sources such as TV, radio and billboards as well as other mainstream channels.

Direct Mail

Target a geographic area and create a customized product or service message before executing the delivery of custom printed and designed marketing pieces to your choice of residential or commercial addresses.

How It Applies: LLT works to develop a send list based on client provided criteria that target homes, businesses, or both. The postcard, flyer or envelope is then designed, printed and sent through EDDM or our mail-house to eventually reach its final destination.

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