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Providing mobile app solutions to businesses that are looking to extend the reach and further the brand experience of how prospects and customers interact with available platforms. Utilizing strategic workshops, design sprints and build iterations we drive our clients and customers towards accessing information more efficiently, optimizing operations, and sparking bottom line growth. 

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Strategic App Development

Mobile app development can be costly if you get it wrong.

Too many people jump to the idea of an ‘app’ being their next big move. But majority of the time building an app does not actually translate to immediate or positive ROI over the short term. 


This is why it is important to partner with an agency that has the skills to develop mobile apps, and guide clients using a ‘concept to launch’ roadmap; so that the mobile app has the best chance of being received by the market after its development. 


Our methodology of app development is based on tying business value to each user story created and therefore confirming the right feature and function buildouts.

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Expanding Your User Base

Why should you invest in developing a mobile app?

A mobile app will create a direct marketing and communication channel with the user. Your business will remain on the users screen, providing valuable brand positioning. 


The goal? Create apps that are user-centric, customizing functionality to add value to their current position.


Additionally, you will also have the option to push direct marketing messages and notifications to users phones via the installed mobile apps.

MVP & Project Planning

How can LLT Group help you turn your mobile app idea into a reality?

Our team of mobile app developers are strategists that will discuss the goals that you would like to achieve with your app and help conceptualize your idea. 


Our team can then work with you to identify the minimum viable product (MVP) that should be developed prior to the final launch. 


Our project managers and account team will help develop timelines based on beta launches, testing, development timeframes, and forecasted launch dates.

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Key App Questions

Questions to consider before pulling the trigger on a mobile app.

Creating a mobile application should be a strategic decision tied to business metrics, ROI and operations. In a lot of cases building an app should actually be pushed to a later phase of planned development.


Consider the five levels of why you are building an app, as well as how you know (proof in metrics) that your users are on mobile. Drawing consumers to use an app is easier when you have a customer foundation to work from, but it still does not guarantee success. 


Before building any app we work with a business to make sure the technology, operations and investment align.



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Case Studies

Who We Work With

It’s simple. We work with companies that want to further their reach and audience through a unique value-added perspective.  Within those companies we work with enterprise teams and small entrepreneurial teams.


We help enterprise teams that need outside, insightful speed to bring a new mobile application technology to the market quickly.  We help small teams or individuals that need a trusted partner with a proven track record to guide them through the features needed to add the most value to your end user. To identify and to launch an actual MVP. 


Technologies We Use

We utilize React & React Native to build cross-platform iOS and Android mobile applications that are able to reach the most amount of people.  


Leveraging Node.js we provide clients with an administrative platform that helps shield them from the complexities of technical weeds within the marketplace. Our goal in using mobile app technologies is to simplify the client experience with easy to use tools…for clients and their end users.



One of the most efficient frameworks in terms of performance and design systems, it allows maintainability and scalability of mobile applications through future iterations.

React Native

Renders code natively in each respective operating system (iOS, Android, etc.) which allows saved costs, time and speed to market on building and iterating on client mobile applications.


Single thread capabilities allow programmatic features to perform well…fast. A large community and packages help to create further efficiencies in choosing backend technology that can meet mobile application needs.

Databases & Hosting

For databasing we utilize either MongoDB, MySQL or Postgres depending on the needs of the application and any legacy languages that client must adhere to. Outside of databasing and other related services (such as Redis, Rollbar, etc.) for other DevOps components we typically use Heroku or AWS for hosting depending on the operations structure the mobile application will be passed into.

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