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A Platform that Puts The Power in the Consumers Pocket

Zeonite was born out of the idea of that consumers’ ability to quickly find relevant products was far too difficult. So, we helped to custom design and develop a web application that could accomplish that. Based on the premise of matching customers’ requests for products with relevant retailers that carried them, we built a platform with dozens of features that catered to the need.

  • Challenge

    Creating a thriving platform with nothing but a name and an idea to start.

  • Solution

    Create a simplified UX / UI, leveraging a new brand aesthetic, that did not lead to overcomplicating of the programming necessary to achieve all of the platform feats.

  • Results

    A fully integrated web application with beautiful UX / UI that blended together three different user types in complete programmatic harmony.


The concept behind the logo lent itself to the “Z” in the name connecting two parties (the consumer and retailer). Rounded letters were used to portray a more friendly and inviting feel while the colors utilized conveyed a modern pairing to stand out against other similar technology platforms.

A cool, modern color palette was used to help identify company efforts among the competition and custom line illustrations were integrated in to help support the overall brand affluence.

Brand Colors 1

Brand Colors

Custom Icons

Custom Icons

Design & Development

A complete web platform custom design and developed from scratch with the end user in mind. Everything from the intuitive UX / UI to the platform features and functions was intentionally designed with usability in mind.

LLT Group Laptop
Zeonite Devices Homepage 1
Different Design Views

With multiple user types (Customer, Retail and Administrative) we carefully mapped out the features and functions necessary for a working system, and paired it with a beautiful UX / UI. Each user type required us to design and develop out a very specific set of visuals.

Spotlight Circle 1 1
Zeonite Spotlight Image1 1
Customer Requests

Making the ability to submit and receive requests was critical to the success of the platform. Therefore we designed and developed an account dashboard that focused around quickly seeing what requests had been submitted and what replies had been gathered.

Zeonite Spotlight Image2
Sign In and Sign Up

With both customers and retailers needing to go through a sign up process we split them into two distinct entry points, and customized each to best fit the questions needing to be answered. This included a ‘guided’ decision tree of questions on both fronts, allowing the customer or retailer to either request the most relevant product or be listed for inclusion to receive them.

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Zeonite Spotlight Image3
Retailer Offer Selection

With the ability for retailers to receive requests from any number of categories (per their selection) we created an easy ‘selection’ method that allowed them to quickly discard any requests on their dashboard that they did not wish to entertain.

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Zeonite Spotlight Image4
Offer Detail With Chat Feature

The main feature of the entire platform was the ability to submit requests and have that route to relevant retailers. The second need was the ability to communicate after that connection was made. We designed and developed an in-site chat feature that focused around the specific request. This showcased all details about a retailer such as location, reviews and offer details being made.

Zeonite Image

Consumer-Centric Creative

The new company branding, web design and platform development helped to launch a consumer-based tool into the marketplace that was simple and easy to use.

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