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Developing software that integrates with existing business processes and operations in order to drive productivity and heighten automation within a unique organization. Concentrating on business goals and ROI in order to achieve business tools that drive growth and efficiency.

Our Project Process

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    Phase 1

    Workshop & UX Flows
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    Phase 2

    Functional Prototyping
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    Phase 3

    UX / UI & Design
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Developing Tools that Matter

What kinds of software development do we leverage for businesses?

Whether you want to develop a B2B or B2C application, internal tool, or automation application; our team can help you develop the software solution that your business needs.   The most popular software tools businesses come to us to develop out for them are:

  • Web Applications / SaaS

  • Database Designs

  • eLearning / LMS Platforms

  • Intranets

  • Operations Automation

  • Code Assessments

  • API Gateways

  • Customer Portals

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Building a Relationship

Why should LLT Group be your software development agency?

We understand that businesses have great technology ideas, but may lack the technical skills to get their ideas created. LLT will be your strategic partner for getting your software created from concept to launch.  We like to start small, with exercises that help us build trust, test ideas, scope projects, analyze code and generally get to know you and your business. Our team will also be available to guide you through the software development process so you won’t feel lost along the way. 

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Generating Business Value

What benefits can you expect from investing in software development?

Each of these varies to the degree of the software you are looking to have developed, but benefits typically fall into one of the below three categories:  

Your business should operate leaner.


More of your business’s workflows and operations will be automated.


Your overall costs should decrease, which should lead to increased profits.


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Case Studies

Who We Work With

The individuals within business teams that realize that their people problems can be solved better by technology. Individuals or small teams that want to have a large impact with minimal effort (low resource expenditures, low payroll) for small teams to do big work. Enterprise companies with departments that are pushing new initiatives and the first movers helping to validate ideas for others areas to follow.


Technologies We Use

More important than the design is the technology used to build the foundation of a website. Our goal at LLT is to understand what you are trying to do with your website (from a public perspective and an administrative perspective) and translate that into a scalable strategy with the right programmatic platforms in place.



Fast, scalable and proven technology to help spin off MVP development and future phase iterations. Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks to help get your web application on its feet and to new heights.


Depending on the application we utilize anything from Vanilla JavaScript to frameworks that support it’s core usage (ie React). Allowing for maximum data storage, caching and user experience.


Great markup and great styling applied to the backend technology by way of the oldie but goodies of HTML and CSS. There is no way around these two. They are the staples of your UX / UI experience.

Databases and Hosting

Postgres, Rollbar, Heroku, Redis and more. Wanting to find out more about the database, DevOps and hosting platforms / tools we use? Feel free to connect with us.

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