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Innovation in products, packaging, and process

Topco and TopCare specialize in creating solutions that enable food and health industry member-owners to profitably grow their businesses. We partnered with TopCare to create a web portal experience that empowers members to plan for the future of their business.

  • Challenge

    To allow members to plan for the future of their store by selecting and committing to displays.

  • Solution

    A simple calendar tool allowing members to select displays for their store months into the future.

  • Results

    An engaging and user-friendly web-portal experience that allows for the member-owners to plan efficiently for the future.

Extending the Brand

With an established brand voice and superb customer following, TopCare needed our help to modernize and expand the tone of their brand to align with the passion they hold for helping their members.

We selected a positively, bright color palette that aligns with the engaging brand image TopCare was focused on creating. We paired this with custom illustrations and a friendly sans-serif font to create an approachable feel that is uplifting, yet warm.

Topco Graphics 11

Brand Colors

Topco Graphics 12

Custom Illustrations

Design & Development

We focused heavily on the overall user experience, the use of engaging graphics, and the relatable language throughout the web portal to ensure the member-owners were excited and satisfied with their new planning tool. Our aim was to create an experience that the members would look forward to using.

LLT Group Laptop
Devices Laptop Scroll_0000_topco Home 2
Happy Members

The new portal was a drastic improvement over the old methods of emailing excel sheets to and from TopCo. Because of the digitization effort members gave rave reviews to how easy it was to use the system, plan for marketing initiatives and place orders.

Spotlight Image_0003_Topco Calendar
Planning Calendar

The foundation of the TopCare web portal was the planning calendar itself. Our goal was to create a planning tool that was straight-forward and simple for the member-owners to use and assist in their planning needs. We carefully considered each step of the planning process as well as the design of each piece implemented to ensure the user would understand each step to take.

Spotlight Thumb_0004_topco Filtersidebar
Spotlight Image_0002_topco Displays
Product Filtering

The simplest way to allow the user to seamlessly navigate their way through hundreds of displays is to create a system of product filtering. We created a Displays page with a filtering sidebar that is organized by display topic or category. This makes it easy for the member-owners to locate a display they are interested in and quickly add it to their planning calendar.

Spotlight Image_0001_topco Product
Product Details

In order to ensure the user understands each product and what they are adding or committing to in their planner, displaying product details is crucial. Each display was given its own individual informational page and was tagged by any corresponding filters for a more informed, planning experience.

Topco Icons

The End Cap

The result is a web tool that is simple enough to navigate but robust enough to assist in future product planning needs.

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