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8+ Years, 700+ Websites

With so many websites under our belt, we have come a long way in how we approach the design and development of a website. The key is to understand the client, and fit the best technology to their needs.

Our Project Process

  • phase_1_icon

    Phase 1

    Strategy & Conceptualization
  • phase_2_icon

    Phase 2

    Digital Design
  • phase_3_icon

    Phase 3

    Development & QA
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Strategy & Conceptualization

Understanding what you are building, why it is being built, and how we are going to leverage your brand experience with our expert UX / UI design. This phase establishes all the specifics when it comes to content, features, functions, and style.

  • Project Kick-Off

  • Research & Strategy

  • Sitemap & Content Mapping

  • Wireframes & Sketches

Phase 2

Digital Design

Putting the proverbial ‘rubber to the road’ This phase is the actual high-fidelity mockups done completely custom in Adobe Illustrator. We provide PDF versions of these designs to the client in order to view, provide feedback, and approve.

  • High-Fidelity Mockups

  • Illustrations

  • Photography

  • Typography

Phase 3

Development & QA

The conversion of approved digital designs into front end markup, implementation of back end features, and integration of third-party APIs, software, or configurations. The initial build is then QA’d internally and sent to the client for final review.

  • Front End Development

  • Back End Development

  • 3rd Party Integrations

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

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Case Studies

Some of Our Clients

Below are some select clients from a variety of industries that we have had the pleasure of designing and developing custom sites for.


Technologies We Use

More important than the design is the technology used to build the foundation of a website. Our goal at LLT is to understand what you are trying to do with your website (from a public perspective and an administrative perspective) and translate that into a scalable strategy with the right programmatic platforms in place.

CMS Platforms

WordPress (Custom)

Integrating custom designs into the existing WordPress framework. By focusing on minimal plugin usage and custom developed functionality, we build scalable websites that fit budgets and content administration needs.

Drupal (Custom)

Typically for legacy clients that are wanting to stay with Drupal for team dynamic or development integration reasons, we use custom module and front end implementation to make sure sites are developed with end functionality in mind.

Craft Enterprise

For the mid to enterprise-sized client that has a focus on their internal team responsible for handling content management, document management, and website resources. These tasks are completed via clean UI views.


While the above are typical recommendations and based on client needs, we have worked with dozens of CMS integrations in platforms other than the above. Don’t see your CMS listed? Give us a call or send us a request.

E-Commerce Platforms


One of the most popular small to mid-sized client platforms for e-commerce, we utilize WooCommerce as an add-on to WordPress websites in order to leverage robust, out of the box functionality that Woo provides along with custom built functionality.


Geared more towards enterprise-sized clients focused exclusively on large volumes of products, purchasing, and order management, we build custom e-commerce UX / UI experiences into Magento Commerce that scale.


A more bootstrapped approach to smaller businesses trying to get off the ground quickly and inexpensively, we develop custom themes as well as modify existing Shopfiy themes and apps in order to build a full online retail experience for our clients’ customers.

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  • Marketing
  • Development

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