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Launching Dreams, Empowering Entrepreneurs

Accion believes entrepreneurs create vibrant communities. They deliver a level of personalized service you won’t find at any other lender. We partnered with Accion to design a web experience that matched their warm hearts and friendly nature.

  • Challenge

    To create a web experience that connects and engages the users while delivering content in way that supports small businesses.

  • Solution

    To use strong content driven solutions, like client stories and tools and resources, to support and connect with the users.

  • Results

    A warm and inviting web experience that builds on their brand promise and supports their company vision.

Extending the Brand

With a global presence, Accion already had an established brand; however, they needed our help to modernize and expand that presence, bringing warmth and personality to a topic that is otherwise sterile within the industry.

Accion Logo

We created a color palette that paired a warm and cool hue to give the brand visual balance. By using a slab-serif typeface and custom illustrations, we aimed to add a uniquely bold feel to the website.

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Brand Colors

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Any good website starts with a good plan. By looking at the basic structure of the page elements, we were able to focus on content hierarchy. Ultimately, this creates streamlined solutions that drive users to the most useful content.

Design & Development

The overall user experience and organization of content was a big focus through this project. In order to drive users to apply for a loan, we first needed to provide them with the information and resources to make an educated decision. The content and stories work to guide the user through the experience.

LLT Group Laptop
Accion Devices Laptop Scroll
organic keywords to protect

With such a broad reach and multiple websites combining into one, careful attention had to be spent in making sure that appropriate redirects were in place for some 23,680+ ranking organic keywords. This translated into a little over 3,000 pages indexed by Google and a strategic implementation of the redirects so that no single person was left with the dreaded 404 page conundrum.

Spotlight Image_0002_Accion Homepage V4
Overlapping Elements

One of the key visual differentiators we incorporated throughout the website is overlapping elements. Our aim was to create visual interest through the unusual juxtaposition of shapes. By carefully considering placement, color and content size, we were able to create arrangements that quickly communicated the intent of each, individual section.  

Spotlight Image_0003_Accion Homepage V4 Copy
Client Stories

The best way to create user engagement and connection is through stories. By providing short snippets paired with enticing photography, a quick mood is created to entice the user. Then, providing more information at a deeper level will keep their attention captured.

Spotlight Image_0001_Accion SmallBusinessLoans BusinessResources 1
Resource Center

Giving something back to the user is a perfect way to keep them coming back to the website for more information. Our resource center solution pairs strong typography with color and photography to guide the users into the content. Through the use of categorization, it creates a simplified user experience.

Accion Illustrations

Small Loans, Big Impact

Accion is not just a lender. The organization also supports and creates a connection with every business they serve. With our help, Accion was able to extend that connection through their website and support the user’s overall experience via content and resources.

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