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A lively look that matches the energy of these fun-runs

Sour Fish Events are the creators of insanely fun outdoor events and runs around the country. They came to us with the task of completely re-branding everything. From the corporate logos to the event logos to the website and to the swag that participants received, we designed and developed everything in-house.

  • Challenge

    To create and expand a set of fun-focused brands and websites that feel like they are a part of the same family, while improving functionality and ease of access to information.

  • Solution

    By utilizing custom illustration, color, and iconography, we were able to achieve a style across all brands that were similar in design style, yet different enough to be unique.

  • Results

    Three separate websites and a multitude of promotional materials that resonate with fun-runners, while expanding the separate brand asset pools for future growth.


Sour Fish Events needed a joyful, vibrant brand to match the level of excitement and fun that their races provide. Utilizing illustration and bright colors, we created a whimsical representation of the parent company, as well as the individual races.

Sour Fish Events
Brand Mascots

Stemming from the success of their running pumpkin mascot, Sour Fish wanted to create new brand characters to bring a little more life to their races.

We designed these fun, colorful characters that would pop up throughout the brand designs to provide some lighthearted touches and enhance the overall fun theme throughout the various race branding.

Sour Fish Mascot

Sour Fish Events

Great Pumpkin Run Mascot

Great Pumpkin Run

Hard Cider Run Mascot

Hard Cider Run

The Great Pumpkin Run

Pumpkin spice is in the air. Designing for a fall-themed fun-run gave us the opportunity to create some unique ways to expand the Great Pumpkin Run brand. From the website, to race day swag, we injected a lot of fall-themed festivities into the Sour Fish flagship race.

The Great Pumpkin Run Merchandise
What’s a fun-run without some swag?

The Great Pumpkin Run project gave us the opportunity to apply the branding we created to a variety of physical applications.

People go crazy for Fall weather, and the swag we’ve created lets them show it. T-shirts, hoodies, and medals allowed us to explore some fun and creative ways to reward runners for their participation in the events, and provided a little extra incentive to sign up.

Medal 1
Medal 2

The Hard Cider Run

There aren’t many things that hit the spot after a run with your friends like a tall, cool glass of apple cider. The Hard Cider Run gave us the opportunity to create a brand aesthetic that pairs the fun of a 5k with the theme of an apple orchard.

LLT Group Laptop
HCR Homepage
No hard cider was spilled in the making of this site

One might think that while working on a cider-themed website, there might be a few casualties. Not this time. Not a drop of precious golden cider was spilled throughout this project and no apples were harmed in the making of this site.

The Hard Cider Run Mascot
The Hard Cider Run T-Shirt
Swag to be ex-cidered for

Each runner in the Hard Cider Run receives a race-day t-shirt, as well as a medal for completing the run. In addition, runners can sign up for the additional Hungry Apple challenge of completing their race while eating a donut at each mile marker for a second, unique medal.

We wanted to make a medal system that fit together, so that the two medals formed a larger concept when worn together. Our solution was to have the Hungry Apple medal hang slightly shorter than the normal medal, and appear as if the apple character is trying to eat the medal below. The added benefit of a built-in bottle opener makes these fun to wear, and useful for opening that well deserved post-race hard cider.

The Hard Cider Run Beer Opener

The Finish Line

The result is a network of brands, sites and swag that appropriately represents the fun-loving culture of the company.

The Hard Cider Run Mascot
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