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A new ecommerce look to drive customized conversion

Callaway, a major golf designer and manufacturer that distributes in more than 70 countries worldwide, was looking for a new UX / UI design to be integrated into their backend ERP system that helped cater to their ecommerce customer. Our team leveraged the well-known brand to create beautiful new designs to an outdated system.

  • Challenge

    Extending the brand style and matching existing layouts while still providing unique, effective design elements.

  • Solution

    Worked to create new accent colors, slight layout modifications and a stronger information hierarchy between the pages, as well as design out completely new portal functionality.

  • Results

    A sleek new UX / UI that caters to the customer and makes it easy to see what you are ordering, how to customize what is in your 'bag' and complete order transparency after placement.


Accurate wireframing was crucial to project success because of the necessity to integrate each and every design element into the existing ERP. We took special consideration in the process to have technical talks in order to make sure that anything being proposed could be carried through to execution.


From the promotional front pages all the way down to the ecommerce and account pages, we carefully crafted the UX / UI experience to cater to the customer.

LLT Group Laptop
Shop, Account & Dashboard Pages

The most notable UX / UI centered around re-designing the entire ecommerce experience that a customer sees when going to place an order. It focused heavily on ease of use while on the shop or ‘action’ pages such as the main landing page, product category pages and individual product pages. And while on the account pages it focused on presenting information upfront, making it quick for customers to learn about orders and order statuses.

Callaway Spotlight SearchResults Circle Small
Callaway Spotlight SearchResults
Shop Pages

Utilizing minimal design paired with type hierarchy we redesigned all the different shop page components that looked to help drive customers to the cart. These pages leveraged advanced filtering (depending on where the user landed) as well as an ability for B2B customers to bulk order quickly and effectively.

Callaway Spotlight ProductPage Circle Large Revised
Callaway Spotlight ProductPage_revised
Customized Product Page

Almost every major item that Callaway sold (golf balls, golf clubs, accessories, etc) could be customized. Prior to the redesign there was no streamlined UI that helped walk customers through the process. We took on the task of creating an effective step-by-step design that made it easy for anyone to customize part or all of their order.

Callaway Spotlight OrderHistory Circle Small
Callaway Spotlight OrderHistory
Order History

Along with the shop and cart pages we redesigned and developed the my account areas. This included an extremely robust Order History component that would allow customers to see exactly where every single part of their order was in the status. Because of the ability to customize so many different elements within a single order this was crucial to customers satisfaction.

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Callaway Icons 2
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Callaway Icons 5
Callaway Icons 6
Callaway Icons 7
Callaway Icons 8
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A "Hole In One" for an Industry Giant

The completed redesign helps to create effective brand extensions in terms of customer appeal and action while still nicely folding up into the worldwide brand standards set out by the company.

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