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A new brand built for uniting communities

Street2Ivy is an e-commerce platform that unites shoppers with small businesses in underserved communities. Our task was to create a brand identity, website and marketing collateral that reflect the philanthropic values and singular vision that power the company.

  • Challenge

    Translate the socially-conscious mission into a cohesive, scalable brand that connects with both consumers and vendors.

  • Solution

    Build a brand identity that invokes the company's social values through logo style, iconography and photography selection.

  • Results

    A clean, friendly aesthetic achieved by cheerful, simple icon shapes and human-centered photography that communicates Street2Ivy's message across multiple platforms.


With Street2Ivy, it was important to reflect their values of community, inclusivity, and social consciousness in the branding we created. The overlapping circles in the mark represent the vendors, shoppers and Street2Ivy coming together, with the larger shape they comprise suggesting a greater purpose of making positive change in disadvantaged communities.

Our logo exploration was based around themes of retail, location, and unity; stylistically, we chose simple shapes that would be easily discernible at all sizes. The client responded to the chosen design’s abstract nature and symbolism of disparate elements uniting.

Street2Ivy 1 Image
Street2Ivy Screens Images Print Combo NoBG
Business Card & Letterhead

For the business cards and letterhead, we carried over the friendly, open feel established in the branding and created designs that incorporated ample amounts of white space. The back side of each printed piece features a pattern made of icons representing the wide variety of items that are available through Street2Ivy vendors.


The website makes heavy use of iconography to in order to avoid limiting the user’s conception of what products are available from Street2Ivy’s wide range of vendors. In keeping with the company’s emphasis on community, we also made sure to include photography and content that focused on individual vendors and their stories.

LLT Group Laptop
Street2Ivy Devices Laptop Scroll
Street2Ivy Spotlight Images VendorSlider
Vendor Slider

This interactive feature encourages users to dig deeper and learn about some of Street2Ivy’s vendors, using photography to capture their interest and direct them to the full vendor profile to read more.

Street2Ivy Spotlight Images VendorPlaylist
Vendor Playlist

In keeping with the emphasis on personal touch, users can get a feel for the vendors’ personalities and interest through updatable music playlists that the vendors share.

Street2Ivy Spotlight Images MemberShip

This section of the website breaks down how membership works in a concise, easy-to-follow manner punctuated by a custom illustration.

Street2Ivy Merchandise Apparel Combo NoBG
T-shirt and Hoodie

The hoodies were designed to focus on Street2Ivy’s branding; the overlapping circles¬†creating the brand mark are meant to represent vendors, shoppers, communities, and Street2Ivy coming together for a larger purpose.¬†The Shop Small for Big Change shirt captures the brand’s goal of making positive change in disadvantaged communities through supporting the small businesses in those areas.

In Business For Good

The result is a unified brand system and range of deliverables that tells Street2Ivy’s story across multiple channels, engaging potential members and vendors on a human level and making the case that commerce and community can can go hand-in-hand.

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