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A healthy outside starts from the inside

Tonic is a new brand in the health market that was created to appeal specifically to millennial audiences. They came to us with the ask to take their current product-line look and feel and reimagine the tone to appeal to a younger target market. We devised a plan that would set them apart from the competition.

  • Challenge

    To establish a brand identity from scratch that stood apart from competitors with attractive visuals that consumers would want to share on social media.

  • Solution

    To combine a modern and vintage aesthetic that would appeal to the target audience that is quick to make decisions and influenced by brand aesthetics.

  • Results

    A strong brand, a suite of packaging, and a web presence that builds and reinforces the brand image while working to build brand equity.

Brand Exploration

The base idea was a marriage of a modern logo with a vintage badge style. We wanted to create a logo that could exist in today’s competitive market but would also feel natural if placed on an old distressed package.

Logo Development

Our extensive logo development process produced dozens of viable options. So, pairing it down was a collaborative effort with the client in order to truly find a logo that matched their business goals. We chose one of the simpler options that would allow for that simplistic blend of old and new.

Tonic 1 Image

Design & Development

With three very different audiences – the yoga enthusiast, the beauty buff, and the regular athlete – we were challenged in creating one web experience that would attract each user type. By using a modern skin and using color and imagery to distinguish each product line, we were able to create uniquely different experiences.

LLT Group Laptop
Tonic Devices Laptop Scroll
the year that started it all

Despite being launched in the second half of 2017, you would be hard-pressed to believe it if we didn’t state it right here. Within the first couple months of launch Tonic found themselves with thousands of followers on social media, multiple celebrity endorsers, and the start of supplying their products to major retail brands such as TJ Maxx.

Spotlight Image_0001_Tonic IndProduct
Buy Online

Our custom e-commerce experience is packed full of features. The product photography becomes the star in this split while the product thumbnails helps frame this space and establish visual balance. The other key features are the review integration along with the product sharing functionality that will drive user engagement.

Spotlight Image_0002_Tonic ExtrasPage
Recipes + Tips

Wanting to give back to their consumers, Tonic wanted a space within their website that allowed them to share full recipes for their collagen products as well as tips about the health benefits. We used a masonry style blog layout that is driven with visual imagery to guide and entice consumers.

Tonic Productcollage
Package Spotlight Circle Large
Tonic Spotlight Image Back
Package Details

Unlike the competitors package that you’d prefer to hide away in the pantry, we wanted Tonic’s package design to be something consumers wouldn’t mind sitting out on their counter. Through the fine details of the typography, textures, and use of color we were able to tell a story that the consumers want to be a part of.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

With a mission to promote a natural healthy lifestyle, we developed every touchpoint with this in mind. The result is a strong brand that is continuing to grow and thrive while delivering on their brand promise.

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