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A chic look for a wide range of downtown real estate

Already a major player in the Chicago real estate market, Spaces approached us needing a new digital presence for two of their brands. We were brought on to help re-design two of the company’s logos, start to set a brand standard going forward, design a clean web UX, and build a website with dozens of features to appease the users.

  • Challenge

    A full brand refresh from logo creation to website while designating a consistent, yet distinctive look for both an everyday real estate platform and its high-end luxurious counterpart.

  • Solution

    One consistent brand with two logos similar in execution, but exclusive in meaning. Both websites stocked with interactive maps, landlord resources, and geo-targeting features.

  • Results

    A property search platform that provides speed, utility and information relevance for people looking to make their next real estate move.


Creating two logos similar in style, but individual in meaning called for an in-depth creative approach. Ultimately landing on a simplified shape, hinting at an enclosed room or space was the base of the Spaces Real Estate brand. Flipping and adding repetitive elements to that shape created a mark reminiscent of a high rise building, naturally lending itself to the luxurious, high-end target of Elevated Spaces.

A higher quantity of logo sketches was necessary to find a solution simple, yet malleable enough to check both brands’ boxes. Sticking to a geometric approach, we pulled inspiration from Spaces’ previous logo and sketched as many ideas as we humanly could, ultimately landing on the highlighted marks.

Icons For Spaces Real Estate

Design & Development

From aesthetically pleasing page layouts, loads and interactions to highly complex API data sorting and filtering; Spaces achieves the balance of technically complex on the build side but visually simple on the user’s eye.

LLT Group Laptop
Spaces Homepage

While design was important, nothing was as important as speed and data accuracy when it came to developing a site that searchers would want to use. We worked to develop a site that pulled from multiple data sources and queried through thousands of listings and dozens of property attributes to pull the necessary results.

Spaces Custom Map Detail Shot
Spaces Custom Map
Custom Map

A custom map styling was designed and applied, custom search filters set based on incoming data, and two real estate listing API sources were used to feed the Google Maps API.

Spaces Spotlight Row2 Spotlight
Spaces Landlord Resources Page
Landlord Resources

A user-based resource center was built in order to allow landlords to access specific documents, downloads and information. Back-end administration allowed Spaces to create, edit or delete users with access to the resource center.

A little extra flare went into the design and development of the login to look like a lockbox that you would find on a home for sale / rent.


Spaces Individual Neighborhood Template
Individual Neighborhoods

While finding a home you love the layouts of is great, you also need to know what is around your new space. We worked to design and build custom neighborhood landing pages that show pertinent information about the area such as:

  • History
  • Types of residents (age, income, etc.)
  • Points of interest (shops, food, nightlife, etc.)
  • Properties available

Not only did we make it so that can you view the neighborhood and see related properties on the page itself, but we built the site so you can search specifically by neighborhood on the map too.

The Home Stretch

The result is a luxurious design and a clean UX that provides searchers with mountains of information but quick, filterable results that matter.

Spaces Neighborhood
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