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Hirose is a Japan-based electronic connector company. Their products can be found in devices everywhere from cell phones to automobiles and everything in between. The U.S. branch of the company came to us in need of a training portal for their employees wanting to create a solution that tested their trainees, tracked their progress, and was easy-to-use.

  • Challenge

    To train and test new hires in an easy-to-learn fashion, to provide insight for management, and to help trainees understand everything needed to accomplish the job.

  • Solution

    To understand the needs of the trainees and management and create a platform for education that is informative and intuitive for both user types.

  • Results

    A complete training resource portal that effectively teaches and monitors the learning progress of new employees.

Development Features

Creating a training portal that includes progress tracking, module access, and different user roles required our team to formulate an approach unique in its development logic.

We created user progress-based UX elements that dynamically updated every time a trainee completed a learning module. This allowed users and management to track completion levels.

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Progression Logic

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Completion Statistics

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Design & Development

The design focuses on organizing mass amounts of content in a digestible format with a focus on an intuitive user experience. The use of color vertically condenses the graphic elements while a simple design provides a more complete overview of the information at a glance, guiding the user throughout the training process.

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Spotlight Image_0003_Hirose Login
Custom Login

Pulling visual cues from the public-facing Hirose website, we created a custom login for the training portal that automatically directs the user to the training or management dashboards based on their individual credentials.

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Multi-Level User Management

Providing a detailed, accurate view of employee progress and activity required us to create a way for management to get a closer look into the modules that each trainee is working on. This allows managers to see where a new hire might be struggling and provide guidance as necessary.

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Custom LMS

The custom learning management system that we created for Hirose is built to address the specific needs of their staff. Module-based learning is enhanced through custom-designed slide templates. These templates cater to the types of information being taught and require users to engage with content in sequential order where necessary.

Spotlight Thumb_0003_hirose Assessment
Spotlight Image_0001_hirose Assessment
Certification Testing

Testing has been built into the training portal to help trainees identify the most important information from the modules they’ve read, to encourage retention of module material, and to assess the trainee’s comprehension of the material. The assessments require a perfect score to pass, and take the user back to the beginning of the module after identifying the incorrect answers to help direct focus.

Lessons Learned

The result is an information-driven, user-focused training resource that helps Hirose give their new employees a head start in the electronic connector industry.

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