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An online presence connecting you to brands and book paying events

BookedOut is a marketplace app that connects brand ambassadors with paying events. They came to us with the idea of a radical website redesign that would follow through to a re-design of the application interface.

  • Challenge

    To clearly present their product to potential freelancers and outline the benefits of their application.

  • Solution

    To modernize their website to promote the features of their mobile application and increase conversions by creating a connection through the content and personas.

  • Results

    A modern UX design that provides utility through engaging online media and information accessibility to existing users.

Extending The Brand

With an already established logo, BookedOut looked to us to extend their brand beyond just their company mark. We conceived a multifaceted brand system that included colors, patterns, photography selection, and custom iconography.

Bookedout Logo

To extend the brand we took the blue from the logo and create a full brand palette as well as reinvented visuals from their application to create a custom pattern. The icon style is simple to quickly communicate in the instances it was used.

BookedOut Colors


BookedOut Pattern


Bookedout Icon Style_DiskStation_Jul 06 1607 2017_CaseConflict

Icon Style

Design & Development

With an existing user base of 30,000, it was important that we focused on making resources available to existing users within a click or two of entry to the site. In addition, the site needs to be compelling for new visitors to sign up. The UX needed to communicate trendy, modern and engaging and that is exactly what we implemented.

LLT Group Laptop
BookedOut Laptop Scroll
1 Million
completed event hours

It was a big deal for BookedOut to make such a splash in a very traditional, old school marketplace within a short amount of time. With a successful launch already underway, our duty was to hit hyper-growth with a new digital platform, explaining complex concepts in simple ways and showcasing information that was previously buried.

Bookedout Spotlight Row1 Thumbnail3
BookedOut Calendar
Interactive Calendar

With a variety of target users, BookedOut wanted to appeal to the many kinds of busy schedules that an individual might have.

We thought that showing some example schedules in an interactive calendar would help communicate the flexibility that working with BookedOut offers, as well as be an interesting way to appeal to the different lifestyles that this platform caters to.

BookedOut Content Organization
Content Organization

BookedOut has such a unique business model with so many moving parts that being exposed to it all at once could be overwhelming. We felt that utilizing interactive elements such as sliders and tabbed sections would be a great way to house a lot of information in a beautiful and organized fashion.

BookedOut People
Photo Curation

Being a business based around people and their lifestyles, BookedOut needed to accurately represent the level of diversity in age, gender, race, and style that their platform attracts and utilizes. We curated with an eye on quality, and lifestyle on the mind.

There's An App For That

The result is an extremely targeted, feature-rich website that showcases to specific demographics the value of utilizing the app in real dollar terms.

BookedOut Anchor
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