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A multi-faceted dealer portal for the small engines division of Subaru

Subaru Power is the small engines division within Subaru Corporation touting a network of over 7,000 dealers and a brand name to match the hype. They came to us with the tall task of creating an all-in-one integrated dealer portal that allowed for certification testing, purchase ordering, warranty submissions, and many other things.

  • Challenge

    Collect, organize and showcase data and functions in a visual format to dealers that a platform has not yet been established for.

  • Solution

    Design and build a feature-rich dealer portal from scratch, implementing multiple existing data sources with no set roadmap.

  • Results

    An all-in-one solution for dealers to purchase products, access documents, receive certification training and register item warranties.


With such a complex sitemap and flow wireframes were absolutely necessary in helping to make sure that all content, feature and function were being accounted for before design and development. We worked to wireframe the entire portal from login screen and password reset to order confirmation notice.

Design & Development

While the custom design of the portal was created from scratch by our team here, the real notoriety goes to all the features that were developed for dealers and dealer employees to access. Here are just a couple of the developments: tiered user access roles, integrated product catalog, cart, checkout and ordering capabilities, a loyalty points integration and a resource center.

LLT Group Laptop
Dealers and Counting

Development of the portal (while utilizing multiple APIs) was actually built on a WordPress back-end. Why? Because the dealer portal was actually built directly alongside the existing WordPress website build, to allow for maximize automation on the administrative end.

Animated Test Levels
Subaru Power Test

Subaru Power needed to be able to have employees of dealer locations take certification tests in order to advance their knowledge base. So we worked to develop a tiered testing function that allowed for account-specific certifications and printable certificates upon successful completion. The ability to add, edit and change certifications was all made to be part of the CMS, so at any time Subaru Power could alter questions or add completely new tests.

Subaru Power Product Store
Product Store

Dealers needed to have the ability to put in orders for parts through the portal. This required integrating an existing product database table into the site and building a cart / checkout function around it. Not only were dealers able to put purchase orders in and receive status alerts on the order, but it also linked into a loyalty points platform allowing purchases to help generate points to use towards Subaru Power swag.

Feel That Power

The result is a functional, feature-rich platform that helps dealers to order products, complete testing, submit warranty registrations and access resources all within an easy-to-manage CMS.

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