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A refreshing take on a full-blown fantasy sports experience

Fantasy Raffles is an innovative fantasy football platform that allows players to enter contests, set weekly line-ups and win prizes. They came to us with nothing but an idea and a name that we were tasked with cultivating the brand, the messaging and of course the web application platform.

  • Challenge

    To create an in-depth fantasy football website with a raffle-based twist, complete with all the bells and whistles that come with a full on fantasy sports experience.

  • Solution

    Taking a brighter twist on the usual take to fantasy sports, a dynamic set of visual elements work hand-in-hand with a strong focus on user experience and flow.

  • Results

    A web application platform with real-time fantasy data that scales to the number of users and games existing on the system.


Fantasy Raffles takes the everyday fantasy sports platform, which focuses on money exchange, and spins it on its head (or helmet). With a unique raffle-based system in place, we wanted to match that twist with a highly energetic color palette and a nod to in-game visuals.

An in-depth logo exploration was the base for the branding approach. Working in a raffle ticket to the logo ensured a strong nod to the supporting idea of the company, while a refreshing blue and electric orange set Fantasy Raffles apart from their competitors.

Fantasy Raffles Icons

Design & Development

With major competitors already controlling the space the design needed to have UX differences that mattered. From UX research to QA and beta testing we ensured that the design was more intuitive and the development streamlined so that as soon as someone tried out Fantasy Raffles they would be hooked.

LLT Group Laptop
data points pulled every load

With each lineup consisting of between 6-8 players, and each player having at least 20 unique data points reflected on the site (name, team, position, yards per carry, fantasy points, etc.) there was over 1,200 data points that needed refreshing for each and every user putting a line-up together. It was crucial to make sure caching of information and speed testing was in place so the user experience was flawless.

Fantasy Raffles Player Detail
Fantasy Raffles Custom Line-ups
Create Custom Line-Ups

The Fantasy Raffles dashboard allows users to create custom line-ups for their contest. Users can add and remove players, seeing in real time the impact of their decisions on the overall salary cap used and what is remaining. In addition, users can see important player information with status indications, projected points, as well as the ability to filter players by position.

The ease of use is sure to keep users coming back each week for a new chance to win.

Fantasy Raffles Player Detail
Fantasy Raffles Live Player Stats
Live player stat updates

Fantasy Football players are nerds when it comes to stats. Fantasy Raffles updates player statistics as they happen, keeping even the most over analytical of fans supplied with a constant stream of stat updates.

Making data update automatically was a must-have to make this project a success. The entire system was set up to pull data in real time to keep site users informed and engaged in the contests.

The End...Zone

The result is a fully scalable, feature-rich web application platform that allows for real-time NFL data sourcing, unlimited amounts of user registrations and an automated raffle notification system and CMS.

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