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Battle Your Friends with Music Videos

TwoTube is a platform where users battle their friends with videos of covers of songs. The branding, design, and development had to be engaging, intuitive, and most importantly a fun experience. This unique concept allows users to make private leagues, upload and vote on their favorite videos, and duel their way up the leaderboard for bragging rights at the next backyard barbecue.

  • Challenge

    To create a league-style video based battle game that allows users to pick songs and videos, set up independent leagues, and create a fun, intuitive and engaging experience.

  • Solution

    Creating a brand and experience that highlights the talent of musical artists around the world while developing the platform in a way that facilitates the interactions of a community of user-created group battles.

  • Results

    A fun and engaging game experience that allows friends to compete with each other through their love of music, the power of video, and a desire to win.


TwoTube pulls from the realm of league-based gaming to provide a head-to-head duel system based around music and video. With the brand in our hands, we used bright, exciting colors along with recognizable symbols to quickly communicate the idea of competition and play in a simple and iconic style.

The most successful of our logo exploration revolved around the ideas of competition, sound, and a play button. The two play buttons overlapping toward each other checked all of the boxes as a nod to music, video, and the head-to-head nature of the game. We kept the style simple and friendly to keep the aesthetic approachable and fun.

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Design & Development

Being a brand new concept, we approached this project with the understanding that the experience needed to be intuitive and easy-to-use. The user experience was paramount in getting the user hooked on the game, and clear direction visually, verbally, and from a flow perspective were our tools in creating a fun and intuitive platform.

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Custom Ruby on Rails Development

TwoTube leverages the full-stack capabilities of Rails to provide a singular technology stack for both the front and back end of the application. Some of the features and functionality within TwoTube include: Customized authentication and authorization, remote storage and caching of assets, real-time chat/messaging with automated system notifications, integration with WordPress via JSON API’s, an admin panel capable of monitoring data statistics and managing all dynamic content, automated job scheduling to allow for routine maintenance and recurring processes to be executed without fail and a comprehensive testing suite and realtime performance/error monitoring tools ensure a robust application.

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Unique Layout

Utilizing unique layouts allowed our team to draw attention to important information on the different pages of the site, as well as lead the user visually down the page to learn more.

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Engaging Graphics

Being a new concept, teaching users what TwoTube is was a very important task for our team. Creating clear and engaging graphics allowed us to quickly educate and explain how the platform works.

Let's Duel

TwoTube features a system of battling that puts two friends against each other in a head-to-head duel that other members of the league vote on. We used the two brand colors to help differentiate between choices in the battle screen, as well as simple, step-by-step selection options to guide the user through the process.

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The dashboard is the heart of the TwoTube platform. We designed this in a way to help users communicate with each other, get notifications about what’s happening in the league, and see where they stack up on the leaderboard. The experience needed to display a lot of information, while remaining legible, engaging, and intuitive.

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Playing Field

The playing field is where the battles of TwoTube are waged. Depending on who is dueling that week, users have a number of different experiences, and thus a number of potential views that needed to be accounted for and accommodated. The result is an easy-to-use system that feels on-brand at every touchpoint.

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League Stats

Sometimes wins and losses just aren’t enough. TwoTube tracks other metrics about a user’s performance in the app across different leagues and seasons to give them a boost of confidence (or inspiration) for their next match up.

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Commissioner Dashboard

As the leagues are managed by the users, we needed to create a commissioner dashboard that was intuitive to make creating and running leagues as straightforward as possible without sacrificing important functionality.

Mic Drop

The result is a fun brand and web application that focuses on user experience and strong design to create a robust game that is engaging, exciting, and easy for users to learn.

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