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A daring, e-commerce-based hub for the sports memorabilia enthusiast

Sideline Marketing is a retail and online seller of signed sports memorabilia and tickets to exclusive professional player events. They came to us to help them take their retail storefronts digital, by adding an eCommerce component to a brand new website redesign.

  • Challenge

    To execute an energetic, eCommerce heavy sports memorabilia website, easily navigable from category to category with fluid filters and product specifications.

  • Solution

    Bucketing items by major sport, and narrowing down the selection by filter from there while utilizing bold colors and textures that capture the intensity of professional sports.

  • Results

    An attractive new 'storefront' online that is easy to manage and that generates new business and provides scalability as growth necessitates.

Extending The Brand

Pulling inspiration, yet extending their original logo look and feel, the aim was to create an intense look and feel while balancing that look with a refreshing, clean aura.

Sideline Logo

Keeping one foot in Sideline’s original branding ballpark, we kept the basic frame of the original logo while simplifying the overall execution to reach a more contemporary and simplified feel. We stuck with their original color pallet while adding rough textures and bold type to match the feel of the subject matter

Sideline TextStyles

Bold Text



Image Overlap

Image Overlays

Design & Development

Design and development focused around the highlighting of products and public signings for sale, and a clean checkout experience. The site was built with WordPress + WooCommerce, giving Sideline Marketing ease of product and content management while still providing a platform to grow on.

LLT Group Laptop
photos taken and edited

With the importance of photography so crucial to the successful launch of the website, careful attention was taken with every image to ensure quality viewing on the front-end.

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Spotlight Image Sideline Row1_DiskStation_Jun 30 0926 2017_CaseConflict
Custom Search

An innovative new interactive search was developed for Sideline to help the user find what they were looking for fast. While the old-school method of typing and refining your search was still present, we developed a dropdown and fly-out visual adventure walking you through the available players by way of team names.

Pick your sport (NFL, NBA, NHL, etc.) and the check to see what teams are available and right below that players alphabetically. Just a cool little add-on feature to this photo-rich site.


Sideline Product Page
Minimal Product Layout

If you are looking to buy a Partick Kane signed, buzzer-beating, game-worn puck what else do you need to see besides that? Not really anything! The product pages were designed with the buyer in mind. Of utmost importance is the legitimacy of the item and how it looks. If it’s game worn, what condition is it in?

We created minimal layouts to make sure to showcase only the necessary information before a buyer was going to pull the trigger to purchase.

Who's On Your Sideline

From the custom photography of signed memorabilia to the allure of professional sports meet and greets, the result is an online site design that makes you want to shop.

Sideline Helmet
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