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Providing secure, online solutions for this national manufacturer

Stack-On is an international manufacturer of safes and security solutions with over 7,000 retailers worldwide. They came to us for a website re-design to support their existing client base but to further their move into the eCommerce space.

  • Challenge

    To restructure their sitemap for a better user experience and to modernize their brand image so that they can remain competitive in their industry.

  • Solution

    To create a beautiful, clean, yet modern website that is easy to navigate while highlighting their products with the use of photography, colors, and textures.

  • Results

    An effective online resource center for customers looking to purchase products, access existing information, find a retailer or experience brand photography.

Research & Discovery

Being an established brand over the last 40 years, we took careful consideration in putting together a strategic branding plan that addressed who Stack-On was and where we wanted to go. Before heading into digital design we developed a comprehensive Research & Discovery document to set the foundation.


Stack-On was a very well-known company and current brand assimilation with customers was crucial to take into account. Our goal was not to re-invent the wheel, but to refresh and revitalize where necessary.

The comprehensive research and discovery document produced touch points on:

  • Projected sitemap
  • Content mapping
  • Project analysis
  • Designer toolbox (logo, color, type, illustration)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Inspiration analysis
StackOn RD 1
StackOn RD 2
StackOn RD 3
StackOn RD 4

Design & Development

The website design provided us the opportunity to visually connect the impressive product line with photography, surrounded by resources. Our focus was to strengthen the UX of how a visitor clicks through site while introducing new features such as a product selection guide, a product registration form, a find a retailers search map and a customer resource center.

LLT Group Laptop
Stack-On Homepage
organic ranking keywords

With being such an established brand, we had to take great care when structuring and re-launching the site. Of most importance was the 12,599 keywords that Stack-On was already showing for. Capturing all the URLs and existing pages with domain authority and re-routing those via 301 redirects was an exercise in strategy and execution in and of itself. Needless to say, just from the site launch alone keywords rebounded and within 90 days they were ranking for nearly 27% more keywords than before (or 2,675 new keywords).

Stack-On Dynamic Options
Stack-On Individual Product

Each safe or security product that Stack-On sells has differing sizes, colors, lock types and features. We made sure to make the sorting through them a breeze by adding visual cues to drive visitor UX by way of color swatches and custom illustrations.

Once a selection is made the imagery and other options automatically filter down.

Stack-On Location Details
Stack-On Locations

Searching through over 7,000 retail locations can be difficult. That is why we combined a minimal design with pops of brand recognition. From customizing the map skin all the way down to the map dots, we aimed at making the search so easy that once you got to the results you would really recognize the brands around you.

Stack-On Selection Guide Detail
Stack-On Product Selection Guid

Stack-On needing a self-guided program that helped visitors of the site narrow down what products fit their needs. We worked to develop a 100% custom and fully dynamic solution that allows a series of questions and answers to lead to filtered results.

On the back-end administrators can easily add questions, re-route products showing based on answers, force the skipping of subsequent questions based on specific selections and even omit products based on customer decisions.

The Safe Solution

The result is a thought invoked design that guides users to arrive at relevant products and information within just a few simple clicks.

Stack-On Safe
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