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Project Manager

Jenna CutOut
I just like to smile – smiling’s my favorite

Jenna is a recent MBA graduate from North Central College, where she also attained her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Organizational Communication. Meticulous in each task she completes, Jenna is known to craft and implement processes in unexplored areas.

Her outgoing personality and knack to find the good in every situation have ultimately led to her radiating positivity bubble. When there isn’t a Cubs or Blackhawks game on, Jenna can be found reading the latest best-seller or having a good time with family and friends.

Doing Great Things

Here are Jenna’s favorite 6 activites to do outside of work.

Favorite Activities


Watching Sports

Family & Friends



Drinking Miller Lite

Most likely to...

MLT Jenna

Jenna has been voted most likely to max out her credit card on Amazon.

Now That's Something to Be Proud Of.
Favorite Song

Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra

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