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Photographer / Videographer

Vince Griff
Did I ever tell you about the time

Growing up with artists in and around his family, Vince was always exposed to a creative environment. Knowing that he wanted to do something in the creative field, he started to try different mediums of creativity and one day he had the chance to use a camera for the first time; after receiving the prints back he realized that he found the creative outlet that he had been looking for.

When Vince isn’t behind the camera, he likes to bore people with the topic of plants. He also loves to cook and he loves to spend endless hours in the kitchen perfecting a new recipe. He also has a beautiful wife and two amazing dogs that he likes to spend time with.

Doing Great Things

Here are Vince’s favorite 6 activites to do outside of work.

Favorite Activities

Smooching up on his wife


Bike Riding

Growing Veggies

Being in nature

Checking out some birds

Most likely to...

Vince MLT

Vince has been voted most likely to get arrested at a seed swap.

Now That's Something to Be Proud Of.
Favorite Song

Don't Call It A Comeback – Motion City Soundtrack

Vince's Work

Looking for more? We have you covered! Check out some of the work from Vince below.

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