Benefits of Custom Branding

March 29, 2020

Tony Zipparro

One of the biggest misunderstandings within the digital agency space is the expectations and perceptions that clients have coming in about “what branding is”. With this idea of branding there is a natural dichotomy exists whereby the business simply wants an output, while the agency wants to focus on everything else to produce that output. 

The question is, what are the benefits of custom branding? Right for some, wrong for a lot. Custom branding is just as much as where a business is in its cycle and where it is looking to go as much as the outputs it wants to provide. Below we take a brief dive into the high level benefits of custom branding. 

Tony:  Talk to me about the benefits of custom branding versus the 99Designs they copied off of Google Images and made at home, like, discuss that a little bit, about why custom branding, the benefits might be hidden a little bit to a normal perspective.

Mat:  There are little things like type choice, you know, how clean is that curve, you know, are the colors unique?  You know, if you’re using red, blue and yellow, like, the major primary colors, you’re not going to have a wildly unique mark.  The benefit of custom branding is that you get, you know, a much more usable kind of tool. So you know, how does this element work in different spaces?  Does it work the way you need it to? It’s not just, “Here’s your flattened jpeg logo that you can only use on a white Word doc,” but what can we give you, you know, professionally speaking, that you know, touches on what you do, what you care about?  You know, kind of speaking back to, “What are you proud of?” You know, people in Chicago, they love the Chicago flag. It’s simple, it’s clean, it’s to the point. Whether you know the meaning or not, you know, that’s something to be proud of. And that’s what a logo can do for your company and for your employees.

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