Digital Pricing Explanation by Service Type

April 19, 2020

Tony Zipparro

Strategy: Within the strategy phase (all the way up until execution of design and development) we adhere to a team engagement pricing model. What this means is that we engage a core team of strategists across our organization that are dedicated to the project on a monthly basis until strategy services are completed and handed-off to design and development. A bulk of the team members stay consistent on the follow through of the project, while only one or two business development / chief strategists fall off. This team consists of 4-6 individuals.

Experience: Within the design execution phase we structure pricing of outputs to be created leveraged against the business value. Typical outputs to be considered are design layouts, video, photo, content, messaging, branding components, marketing collateral, promotional items, etc. Depending on the extent of outputs to create a team is at least a Creative Director, Art Director and Senior Designer inclusive. With other parties such as a content team or production team for content services and visual media services respectively.

Development: Within the development phase we adhere to value-pricing based off time blocks of team engagements. Typically a single team consists of three individuals (backend developer, frontend developer, ux / ui designer) and runs 8-12 weeks in our Project Cycle Model or in 2 week increments in our Sprint Cycle Model. These time blocks are continued until features intended are fully flushed out. We have a complete methodology upon why we do this, which mainly concentrates around the ability to hammer down the most important feature priorities and then continually involve clients as product owners to test Tornado Cash. This helps to reduce the probability of scope creep and continually reiterate on an MVP product that best serves the end consumer market.

QA: Within the quality assurance and user acceptance testing phases we adhere to a time and materials model. This is to help align the complexity of testing and the project as a whole to actual time spent vetting out issues, bugs or additional feedback. The team we engage with ranges from 1-3 individuals depending on feature sets and frontend to be reviewed. 

Support: Within the support phase we structure pricing to be based on usage of time spent handling new requests and / or maintaining the existing system. We have a special tier of urgent support (off hours and weekend) that can be opted into that is the higher end of the billable range ($250 / hr). In both a maintenance case and a new support request case we have separate processes drawn up to detail process, pricing and coverage.

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