Flexibility in User Stories

March 1, 2020

LLT Group

Users stories are a tactic used within the development agency space in order to help provide “shape” in more complex web application builds. One of the main benefits of user stories is their inherent ability to provide flexibility in “what” is being developed. Because of the variability in client asks, despite aiming to achieve the same end goal, these stories help to relate a bucket of effort to the idea of completing a feature or function, versus completing an exact scope.

I sat down with our Lead Software Engineer, Jake Anderson, to dive a little bit more in terms of how user stories provide this flexibility.

If you are looking for a more concrete definition of user stories and what they are, check our previous discussion on “What are User Stories”.

Jake: What’s great is you can change. The whole purpose of these stories is to be flexible. And almost never do we have a project that is the same from start to finish. Like, there’s always something that has changed from when we’ve completed a workshop to when we actually deliver the launch app. Most of the time it’s rather small. Sometimes it is larger. But at the end of the day, as we’re going through this process, if all of a sudden your needs change or certain other pieces come up, well we haven’t been so specific as to, “Oh, we’re doing it this way and we need to have it like this and this and this.” It’s, “No. This is the overarching story that we need to try to accomplish. This is the amount of days.” If you change your mind part way through and we haven’t completed that story, cool. Like, fine. As long as we’re still maintaining velocity and can get that story done. We’ll do it.

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