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A digital experience delivering financial freedom

Altura Credit Union is a full-service financial services company based in southern California. They were looking for a more modern and appealing website that better explained their services and products to current and prospective members, as well as providing access to useful online tools such as education and financial apps.

  • Challenge

    Provide financial education for members and attract non-members to join.

  • Solution

    Strategically evaluate structure of content and find engaging ways of presenting critical information.

  • Results

    A warm, inviting and cohesive web experience that makes vital information easy to find and drives potential members to join.

Research & Discovery

Before digging into the design of the website, we defined the styles and graphic elements that would be needed in order to communicate the organization’s message and deliver a cohesive brand experience throughout the website. We also established a sitemap organizing the website’s content into easily navigable sections that would be easy for the user to access.

Altura RD Icons
Altura RD ColorPalette
Altura RD Images
Altura RD Sitemap

Design and Development

Throughout the new design, we worked to make the pages flow in an organic manner and feel approachable to users, some of whom may find financial topics confusing or intimidating. We also heavily incorporated vibrant photography that focused on everyday people, imbuing a sense of authenticity that would resonate with the organization’s members.

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Altura Devices Laptop Scroll
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Spotlight HowSection
Unique brand elements

We extended the organization’s brand with custom icons and other graphic elements, such as blue rectangles incorporating photos as textures, that brought color and a unified personality to the content displayed.

Spotlight Calculator
Payment Calculator

A user-friendly payment calculator was among the informative, educational features built into the website, driving interest in Altura Credit Union’s products through an interactive experience.

Spotlight Member
Member Page

As driving membership was a key business goal, we paid special care in delivering a narrative over the course of the members page that leads the user to act and join. We avoided large blocks of body copy, breaking processes out as step-by-step lists and utilizing interactive tabs and testimonial videos to tell the story of Altura Credit Union’s many benefits. The experience culminates in providing tools for easily finding a local branch in order to join.

Spotlight Search 2
Search Page

The Altura Credit Union search page was designed to be inviting and uncluttered, offering the user an easy path to finding the information they are looking for. The large search field in the hero section provides an immediate focus and limits the amount of content visible “above the fold” on the page. This open layout also translates particularly well on mobile devices.

Spotlight Locations

Proximity to branches is a key factor for Altura Credit Union members, so we designed a custom, searchable map that enables website users to locate the nearest one and quickly find contact information. The user can also filter the results by services offered, a handy feature that eliminates time and frustration for members who need to access a specific service on a visit to a branch.

Enriching Lives & Empowering Dreams

Our new web experience for Altura Credit Union goes beyond simple aesthetic adjustment, delivering the information members and non-members alike need in order to take control of their financial future.

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