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User Friendly Platform for the Rental industry

The American Rental Association is the international trade association for the equipment and event rental industry. ARA supports the success of its members by providing resources and educational materials. They needed to update their website with a new brand and an improved user experience.

  • Challenge

    To create a web experience that supports the needs of a diverse target audience.

  • Solution

    Awell thought out and
    organized sitemap and user flow that directs users to relevant pages.

  • Results

    Designs that provide brand consistency and an efficient user experience that makes it easy for users to find the content they are looking for.


We started by doing research and asking users what were their biggest frustrations with the old website. We then created user personas that helped us understand how different users will be navigating the website. All this insight helped create wireframes with a basic structure of page elements and content hierarchy.

Design and Development

Creating a straightforward user experience was key to making this complex website easy to navigate. We separated pages into categories based on the needs of different users to help direct them to content they are interested in. To keep users engaged, we also made sure that the tone and visuals are friendly, professional, and support ARA’s personality.

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ARA Spotlight Navigation
Organized Navigation

ARA provides a lot of different resources for its members so a thoughtful user friendly navigation was key. Our solution was a mega navigation that presents a lot of links in an organized way.

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All resources in one place

The shop page houses all the resources. They can be filtered by category, industry and resource type, which helps users get to specific resources quickly.

ARA Spotlight Vendor Locator
Vendor Locator

One of the most visited pages is the Vendor Locator page so it was important that it is user friendly. We made sure that the results are easy to skim and quickly provide most relevant information.

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Versatile Layouts

This template layout needed to work for many different pages so we kept it simple and flexible with a card solution for important links at the top. To keep a consistent brand experience, we designed custom icons for each card.

ARA Spotlight Dashboard

With so many different needs, it was important to give users a more personalized  experience. The dashboard became the place where users could find information and resources specific to them.

Rental HQ

RentalHQ.com is the store locator for all rental store operations who are members of ARA. It is a valuable benefit of the membership. We designed RentalHQ to visually look like it’s part of the ARA brand. The homepage focuses on the search function and features different stores, making it easy for users to find rental equipment.

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It's all about the members

ARA exists to promote the success of their members and advance the growth of the equipment and event rental industry. With our help, they are able to use their website to connect with members and provide them with the resources they need to run a successful rental business.

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