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A Streamlined Automation Process

Beltone, a hearing-aid development company with a long tradition of helping the world hear better, engaged with us to provide assets for a wide variety of events and other retail announcements.

  • Challenge

    To create marketing materials for a wide range of campaigns that would need to be versioned out for each of the 100-150 retail locations.

  • Solution

    Unique templates for each campaign, setup to automatically populate store specific details across all of the locations.

  • Results

    A simple data merge process that saves the client countless hours, while maintaining a consistent aesthetic and tone-of-voice between all of the pieces.

Flexible Print Design

What set this project apart from most is the uniquely large number of retail locations, all participating in the same campaigns. Rather than spending hours versioning out different designs, with content specific to each of the 150 locations, we were able to put together an automation process that cut that time down to a fraction.

Flyers Postcards
Flyers & Postcards

For these print pieces our goal was to make each campaign vary from one-another yet feel like a whole when put together. By extrapolating simple shapes from the Beltone’s current branding, we were able to develop a small, yet recognizable system that could be applied across the different touch-points.

StoreInfo Spotlight Circle Large
StoreInfo Spotlight Image
Data Merging

Given that there are over 150 retail locations that would need to be versioned out with specific details for each campaign, we worked out a process that allowed for simple data merging to populate without compromising the layout or being limited in character amount.

ImageMerge Spotlight Circle Large Image
ImageMerge Spotlight Image
Merged Images

Some campaigns called for a local industry specialist to be highlighted on the collateral. By applying the same process, we provided a tool for the client to easily update the image and information for any given retail location using data merge.

Brand Extension

We were also asked to refresh their Ambassador Rewards Program, a referral based program that allows customers to earn rewards and apply them towards products. We created a new logo lockup and star symbol to help extend the brand and remain recognizable across the various touch-points and collateral.

Clear Customer Focus

By providing Beltone with such a useful tool, they’re able to save countless hours, allowing them to devote more of their energy towards helping their customers.

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