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Digital branding and development for a culture-driven, logistics company

BMM Transportation was a logistics company founded in 2008 that was experiencing a boom in business. They came to us with the need for a new brand, a new website design and an angle on recruitment to attract talent that could handle their ballooning client base.

  • Challenge

    To create a modern, fresh and trendy brand and web experience that would attract potential future employees and further establish brand confidence within the industry.

  • Solution

    To utilize down-to-earth and quirky language with employee-focused imagery, patterns and a statement color in order to align the web presence with the company values.

  • Results

    A site utilizing graphical type, illustrations and photography that attracts new recruits to apply to join the team.


We wanted to focus on establishing a brand that would portray liveliness, movement and a young influence while also speaking to transportation and an ever-changing industry.

BMM Logo2

The red and black color palette was chosen to give the brand a strong, bold and bright voice that would stand out in the market and pair well with the robust and modern logo options that were presented.

We explored many different B marks that represented movement in a contemporary way. The result of the selected mark was a letterform that could stand alone or pair nicely with the logotype.


Design & Development

The goal of the website was to reflect a modern, trendy and friendly aesthetic that would connect well with recent college graduates looking to get into the field of logistics. We looked to achieve that by developing a site design that included subtle page load interactions, hover effects, visual design tendencies and interjection of imagery.

LLT Group Laptop
increase in organic keyword rankings since 2016

Not only was it important that the site design was visually well received by the target audience, but the necessity to build an optimized site with the structure that allowed BMM Transportation to scale up organic rankings when the time was right.

BMM Custom Illustrations

Our challenge was to create truck icons that were unique and different from others we had come across that could also stand together in a group. The solution was to create simple forms without much detail and then add a subtle pattern to establish depth.

BMM Transportation Icon
BMM Transportation Icon
BMM Transportation Icon
BMM Transportation Icon
Spotlight Mobile BMM Row2 1 Spotlight Mobile BMM Row2 2 Spotlight Mobile BMM Row2 3
Mobile Designs

With the recruitment pool almost exclusively accessing web content via their phones and smart devices, special attention went into the development of the responsive pages of the site.

Marketing Materials

Our focus for the marketing materials was to consistently implement the newly established brand into print pieces that would be handed out at career fairs at various college campuses across America.

BMM Transportation Marketing Materials
Boring Marketing Materials

We had an all-office brainstorm session to create a marketing campaign that would appeal to young students. The result was the Boring Marketing Materials. We knew that career fairs were full of “boring marketing materials,” so we created a bag that could be handed out to students to fill with other flyers they would be given. Tucked inside was a flyer that was anything less than boring featuring the new brand style.

Roger That Boss Man

The result is a clean, minimal site design that has helped to reach goals of attracting new talent into joining the BMM Transportation team.

BMM Transportation Truck
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