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Spicing Up The Snack Aisle with Unforgettable Branding

Over a century-old recipe with flavors derived from a mix of vibrant cultures, Sam’s Famous Salsa has unveiled its modern take on a family favorite. They came to us in need of a new, unique brand that would set them apart from the competition.

  • Challenge

    To design and establish a brand that would fully encompass the vast history and story of Sam’s Famous Salsa.

  • Solution

    By combining simple photography with typography that speaks to the origin of the family recipe, we created consistency across all factors that are sure to stand out on the shelf.

  • Results

    Branding aspects from the modern yet timeless logo to the unique homepage and UI/UX designs that resonate with consumers while showcasing that narrative behind the product.

Brand Exploration

We took the time to look at the marketplace along with researching other salsa competitors to discover any trends. Seeing what was working for others, but also pushing that further, helped to create a differentiating brand that tied in all aspects of the heritage and natural vibrancy of the product.

Final Logo

Using inspiration from the kickoff meeting, this mark takes a more traditional approach. We were so impressed with the history behind the family and brand that we wanted to honor this heritage through the bird illustration. The badge-like qualities indicate an established business but doesn’t feel corporate or detached. It’s simple and straightforward, yet feels rooted in tradition. The final logo used a green that is vibrant and fresh which was used throughout all the branding components to unify the brand.

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Sam's Mild, Medium, And Hot Salsa Containers
Product Packaging

For the packaging, we used three different colors to represent the three heat levels of the salsa. Clear containers were also used so that the fresh ingredients of the salsa can be seen. The ingredient photos show what’s in the salsa and help convey the freshness of the product.

Design and Development

We wanted Sam’s Famous Salsa website to draw consumers in with an interactive site, from the homepage to the product pages that would animate the different products by color. We also used different slide-in effects throughout the user experience to keep longer engagement throughout the site.

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Sams Spotlight Home 1
Unique Homepage

The homepage is meant to be really engaging. There are some interesting scrolling effects to create a fun to experience for the user. It’s designed to feel bright and energetic with the full-screen color views and animations. The textures and transparent elements were used to tie into the heritage and tradition but in a clean, modern way. The text is simple and brief to not overwhelm with too much reading.

Sams Spotlight Extras 1

We wanted to include a recipe page that would not only bring the product to the dinner table but a source for anyone that is looking for some inspiration in the kitchen. These recipes are crafted from the salsa chef himself intended to dazzle the tastebuds of friends and family at any gathering. We also wanted to give consumer’s the chance to share their recipes with others.

Sams Spotlight OurStory 1
Engaging About Page

When it came to Sam’s Famous Salsa, this was a family story and recipe that dated back generations and was always held close to the client’s heart. We wanted to design an About Us page that would let him tell the story through his words with dedicated space that his narrative deserves.

Sams Spotlight WhereToBuy 1
Where to Buy

The interactive map feature is used to bring even more ease to the consumer. By simply entering a zip code, users will be able to see the closest grocery store to buy Sam’s Famous Salsa, with added convenience right at their fingertips.

Destined to Make its Mark

The final product was a fusion of the past with the future that diverges from the competition on the shelf. The brand itself mirrors the value of rich history, fresh authentic ingredients and the importance of family.

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