Burrell Vodka
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A funky-fresh take on an edgy spirit

Burrel Vodka is a self-started vodka brand that started off by making a splash in the club and nightlife scene. They came to us with a brand direction and four flavors of vodka. We were tasked with taking that brand online, shoring up packaging recommendations and making sure the website matched the edginess of the drink.

  • Challenge

    To determine a brand direction and web presence that allowed them to showcase their products while developing an interactive community.

  • Solution

    To produce textures, curate photography, and strategize a content direction with a strong emphasis on type hierarchy that would establish a fun and energetic lifestyle brand.

  • Results

    The successful launch of an interactive, highly social website that further establishes the company as an emerging lifestyle brand.

Extending The Brand

We focused heavily on typography and color while using texture to bring a fun, energetic feel to the brand while still allowing for a professional clean look and feel to come through.

Burrell Vodka

Creating custom patterns with unique color palettes, in combination with product photography, we created this bright, energetic lifestyle brand that was carried throughout the site.

Burrell Patterns

Design & Development

Design was able to take a completely unique path in what content was available and how it was structured. From high-resolution drink recipe images to trendy night club collages under individual media pages our team focused on the ‘wow’ factor elements that would keep people talking.

LLT Group Laptop
followers on Instagram

Burrell Vodka had a great social media presence to start that we helped ramp off of with the website design. All designs and content were made engaging so that when re-posted on social media outlets it immediately connected with the target audience. For this reason alone brand continuity and imagery were the main focus.

Burrell Recipes
Individual Recipes

Burrell wanted a creative and interesting way to show different ways to use their product, so we came up with a custom recipe slider.

Utilizing bright and colorful drink photography, exciting backgrounds, and beautiful, easy-to-read typography makes this interactive drink recipe book both enticing and highly functional. This feature looks so good it makes us thirsty for more.

Burrell Social Detail
Burrell Social Media
Social Media Intergration

Connecting with their audience was extremely important to Burrell. We felt the best way to do that was by integrating various forms of social media into the website. By featuring community photos, we encouraged Burrell fans to post their images in hopes of seeing them on the website.

This solution also provided the added benefit of continual content creation from their audience.

Burrell Age Verification
Age Verification

No owlets allowed! Every alcohol brand seems to have a different approach to the age verification system. In some instances, it almost seems like it is a competition to produce the best one. We took the Burrell owl theme along with the primarily black and white color palette to craft an age verification page that is beautiful, yet keeps the kids out.

Get Your Drink On

The result is a unique website development that pairs imagery with type that highlights the vodkas, the craft, events and of course add-ons such as recipes to pair.

Burrell Anchor
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