Bringing simplicity and elegance to a market leader in sustainable textiles

Carnegie provides innovative, high performance textile and acoustic solutions to the architecture and design industry. They believe in creating products that don’t have a negative impact on the planet. After refreshing their brand, they needed to improve how their brand, story, and messaging is communicated on the website.

  • Challenge

    To improve user experience and how the brand story is told throughout the website.

  • Solution

    Redesign the mega nav and website to reduce the amount of clicks and update the look and content to make it more impactful and easier to digest.

  • Results

    A website that is easy to navigate and tells the story of Carnegie, highlighting product innovation and sustainability efforts.

Design & Development

With the redesign, we wanted to give the website a professional and sophisticated look that works with the updated brand. We also wanted to make sure that the content on the pages was impactful, easy to digest and ultimately directed users to products.

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Carnegie Homepage Scroll Scaled
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Carnegie_Homepage Mobile Scroll Scaled
Carnegie Spotlight_MegaNav
Mega Nav

One of Carnegie’s biggest challenges before the redesign was their mega nav. It took up a lot of space and required lots of clicks to get to a specific category. By listing out product categories and simplifying dropdowns, we made it easier for users to get to what they are looking for quickly.

Carnegie Spotlight Mobile1 Carnegie Spotlight Mobile3 Carnegie Spotlight Mobile2 1
Mobile Experience

Coming up with a custom mobile solution was very important to keep a consistent experience for mobile users. One big part of this was the mobile menu, which required some reorganizing and prioritizing what a user sees in the initial view.

Carnegie Spotlight HomepageLayout

To tell the brand story, we wanted to utilize layouts with lots of white space, large images and minimal copy. We also incorporated large, impactful quotes that called out important messaging. All these elements combined, helped tell the story in a way that is compelling and easy to digest.

Spotlight Circle Stat
Carnegie Spotlight Sustainability
Sustainability Page

Carnegie’s commitment to sustainability makes them stand out among competitors so it was very important to highlight. We designed a page dedicated to all their sustainability efforts. By using large stats we called out some of the impact they have made. We also incorporated video backgrounds to grab the user’s attention and help communicate the story.

Carnegie Spotlight AboutCTA
Strategic CTAs

We wanted to provide thoughtful call to actions throughout the website to keep users engaged and to get them to relevant content.

Carnegie Spotlight DesignAlly
Design Ally Services

Another unique differentiator for Carnegie is their complimentary services under the umbrella of Design Ally. We needed to communicate what these services were in a way that is easy to understand.

Sustainable UX & UI Design

The changes we have made thus far in the redesign have worked to better guide users to the right products and areas of service on the website. Better utilizing clicks, hovers, whitespace and photography we have helped to transform the web design to more accurately reflect the amazing underlying brand of Carnegie itself.

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