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What we did

Brand Strategy
Art Direction
Web Design
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Carnegie provides innovative, high performance textile and acoustic solutions to the architecture and design industry. They believe in creating products that don’t have a negative impact on the planet. After refreshing their brand, they needed to improve how their brand, story, and messaging is communicated on the website.

The challenge
To improve user experience and how the brand story is told throughout the website.

The solution
Redesign the mega nav and website to reduce the amount of clicks and update the look and content to make it more impactful and easier to digest.

Extending the Brand

With the redesign, we wanted to give the website a professional and sophisticated look that works with the updated brand. We used colors and fonts from the already established brand, with the addition of a few supporting colors.


Dark Orange
Dark Taupe
Light Grey

Color Palette

Telling the brand story

To tell the brand story, we wanted to utilize layouts with lots of white space, large images and minimal copy. We also incorporated large, impactful quotes that called out important messaging. All these elements combined, helped tell the story in a way that is compelling and easy to digest.

Sustainable UX & UI

One of the main goals of the redesign was to improve the user experience throughout the site. Product pages were key for this goal. We had to rethink how the content on these pages is laid out to help users find information they need quickly. Another big part of this was presenting information in a way that is easy to understand and directing users to other relevant pages.

Mobile experience

Coming up with a custom mobile solution was very important to keep a consistent experience for mobile users. One big part of this was the mobile menu, which required some reorganizing and prioritizing what a user sees in the initial view.

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